Happy Columbus Day

Some things to know about Somerville for the upcoming week.

Credit: Brooklyn Boulders Somerville
Credit: Brooklyn Boulders Somerville
Columbus Day
Happy Columbus Day everyone. Many of you lucky sons-of-guns have the day off. That includes all you Somerville Public School students. It also includes the friendly folks at City Hall and all those who pick up our trash and recycling. Your trash and recycling pickup will be delayed one day this week.

Columbus Day Adventures!
Speaking of kids not having school, Brooklyn Boulders Somerville is hosting a Columbus Day scavanger hunt for kids. It starts at 9 a.m. but goes all day. Participants will get a BKBS Columbus Day T-shirt. Those interested should head over to the rock climbing gym, which is at 12A Tyler St.

National Food Week Deadline
Oct. 24 is National Food Day, which celebrates healthy food, but Somerville is hosting a City Food Week. Anyone who wants to get involved can propose a public event, educational session, special meal or other creative way to "promote healthy, affordable and sustainable food," according to an announcement from the city.  The deadline for submitting your event is Monday, Oct. 14. Send proposals to toshapeupsam@somervillema.gov and contact Rachel Plitch at (617) 625-6600 ext. 4321 or orrplitch@somervillema.gov for more information.

Burning of the Ursuline Convent
In 1834, a mob burned down The Ursuline Convent in what is now East Somerville—it was then part of Charlestown. The incident highlighted anti-Catholic and anti-Irish sentiments that were boiling up at the time. On Tuesday, the Charlestown Historical Society is hosting a talk about the event by Nancy Lusignan Schultz, who wrote a book about it. The talk is at 7 p.m. at the James W. Conway Bunker Hill Post 26, 23 Adams St., Charlestown.

Vision Night for a New Church Forming in Somerville
A new church group is forming at the Hope Fellowship Church outside Davis Square (it's technically at 16 Beech St. in Cambridge). If you're interested, there's a vision night for the church Thursday at 6:30 p.m. 


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