Fire Up the Grill this Labor Day

One of Butcher Boy's meat masters recommended some great meats to grill.

Labor Day is almost here and its arrival has always been known as the unofficial end of summer.

The days are getting shorter, the evenings are getting cooler, and in some places we can even see the leaves beginning to change colors.

Students are getting ready to head back to school and football season is nearly upon us.

The ultimate sign of the upcoming autumn is Labor Day. Maybe you have been a grilling maniac this summer, buying many tanks of gas or bags of charcoal.

Perhaps you haven’t fired up the grill as often as you would have liked.

Whatever be the case, a Labor Day grilling session is the perfect way to bridge the gap between summer and fall.

William Yameen, of Butcher Boy’s meat department, chatted with Patch to recommend some meats that will look great on your grill.

“We have a wide variety of steaks to grill for the holiday,” Yameen said. Options include the popular porterhouse, London broil, New York sirloin, and more.

“We’ve got marinated steak tips which would be a popular one for the holiday; those are $8.99 a pound,” Yameen continued.

Out of the many marinated meats Butcher Boy prepares, he was able to pick out a few of the more popular items.

“The most popular marinated option is what we call a steak house marinated sirloin tip,” he said. “I’ve also got a sweet bourbon or a burgundy wine, and those are all very popular,” he continued.

Don’t forget about the poultry. offers plenty more than beef.

“I’ve also got all the marinated chicken, those are all very popular especially the lemon pepper,” Yameen said.

They also prepare Italian style, teriyaki, garlic ginger, and Cajun flavored chicken. They even offer teriyaki and buffalo style chicken wings.

Marinated pork options include barbecue baby back ribs, Chinese style boneless ribs, and honey apple pork roast.

Labor Day lamb can become a reality with marinated, seasoned lamb kabobs, seasoned butterflied lamb, and lamb roast.

Want to keep things classic and just grill yourself a burger? Butcher Boy’s are made fresh.

“I have freshly made hamburger patties and sliders which people tend to like,” said Yameen.

“I also make a bacon cheddar hamburger,” he added.

Butcher Boy even provides detailed roasting guides so that you can learn how to roast your meat properly if you’re not doing them on the grill.

Butcher Boy has received some good press lately being named the best meat store of 2011 in Northshore magazine.

NECN also awarded Butcher Boy its Best Butcher Shot/Meat Market honor.

They’re open seven days a week. Monday through Saturday you can stop by between 8:30am and 7pm. On Sundays, they close an hour earlier at 6pm.

Check out their Facebook page for information on current deals, tastings, and new items. 

Click to check out a previous article on some great grilling items. 


What have you been grilling this summer? Tell us in the comments!


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