Saint Michael School Adds iPads to Curriculum

Saint Michael's School students using iPads. Credit: Carrie Kirby.
Saint Michael's School students using iPads. Credit: Carrie Kirby.

The Saint Michael School’s Technology Center has added 90 iPads to its curriculum.

Each classroom has an iPad, and there are enough Apple devices in the Maple Street building so that two full classrooms can use them at a time, according to school spokesperson Carrie Kirby.

The Catholic school’s parent-teacher organization raised money for the iPads through a golf tournament and raffle.

“The PTO is incredibly proud of the way that the Saint Michael School community came together to raise funds for iPads through our trip of a Lifetime Raffle. With the majority of families participating, we exceeded our fundraising goal and are thrilled the students of Saint Michael School are using iPads in their classrooms this year,” said Danielle Wolf, Co-Chair PTO.

Kirby said that bringing iPads into the Saint Michael environment is a “natural fit,” as many students go on to high schools that also use the Apple technology.

“Teachers and staff have met with several high schools to learn the smoothest way to integrate iPads into the curriculum, while maximizing its potential,” she said in a statement. “In addition, the school was awarded a grant by the Catholic Schools Foundation for four teachers to attend the 2013 Summer Technology Academy. These actions have allowed the school to quickly integrate the iPads into the classroom.”

“Implementing iPad technology at Saint Michael School opens up a wealth of educational opportunities to our teachers and students,” added school Principal Susan Gosselin. “We feel our students will benefit from working on iPads at a younger age. For our Middle School students, it will better prepare them for a smooth transition at the high school level. Once again, our parents have come together to support our school.”   

Shirley Coutu, the school’s computer teacher, said she recently introduced the iPads to the third and fourth grade students.

“The students loved using the iPads and were so excited to have them,” she said.

As one student said, the iPads offer children the ease of using technology without typing.
marie hill February 16, 2014 at 06:22 PM
i'm so sorry to hear this. i feel there is nothing better than the real thing; (paper). i'm so afraid that libraries will no longer exist. while so much is better for today's technologies, i feel that holding a book in your hands, working with paper and pencil will make the brain work better. there's no thinking with ipads and such.


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