Verizon Still Working to Restore Service

The company reports much success so far, but there are still those without service.

A bunch of residents still lack Verizon service as of Wednesday afternoon.

As of then, the had 911 communication back but no business line, and crews were trying to run the business line through the 911. The communication is up and running.

Several neighborhoods have been restored, but residents on Route 125 have reported having thier service restored only to lose it again shortly after.

"Verizon crews who have been working in 24-hour shifts since the fire have been able to make 12,000 fiber optic splices to restore service for all customers served on the company’s fiber network, including residence, business and wholesale customers," Verizon spokesman Phil Santoro said in a statement Wednesday. "Work on the fiber network enables Verizon to restore connections to its network operations and monitoring equipment and bring the largest number of customers back in service in the shortest amount of time."

"Restoration work continues for approximately 1,000 customers served on the copper network," Santoro continued. "Service for the vast majority of those customers will be restored within the coming days."


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