Residents Call for 'Action Plan' on Gun Violence

Followers of the Facebook page "As Malden Turns" called on city officials to "prepare a written action plan that will specifically address the gun violence in the city."

Officials said they will explore drafting an "action plan" to combat gun violence in the city, after members of an online citizens' group made the request at Tuesday night's city council meeting. 

Followers of the "As Malden Turns" Facebook page said they came to express concerns about escalating violence in the city, submitting the following letter to councillors.

It was the council's first meeting since the fatal shooting of Shawn Clark in front of his Main Street skateboard shop last week.  

Dear Members of the Council,

The residents that stand before you tonight, are here, not in opposition or defiance, but because we are concerned with the increase in crime, and what is happening in this city.

Over the past few months, we have seen an escalation in the level of gun violence in the city, and we are concerned. Concerned for the city, for the police officers, for our children, for our families and for our future.

Most recently, a local shop keeper was shot and killed in an gun related incident that happened in broad daylight, in a downtown area of our city, at lunch time. Most of the residents have never seen, or heard of, such violent behavior in Malden! 

We would like to see the Mayor's office, together with the City Council, prepare a written action plan that will specifically address the gun violence in the city. We feel that this needs to be a priority, and a written plan gives the residents a way to measure the progress and understand what the city is doing.

We also want to be involved in any efforts that we can be, to assist you, the council, the police and the community with this critical issue affecting our city. Community involvement, collaboration, and positive teamwork might just be the recipe that the city needs for success. 

Please give this request some consideration and please address this at your next Community Crime meeting. 

AMT Group

Their letter was accepted by the council, and will be considered in broader detail by the council's public safety commitee.

Both Mayor Gary Christenson and the city council have previously identified public safety as a major concern, prompting the hiring of 12 new police officers this year. 

david mokal February 06, 2013 at 11:35 PM
Going ? It allready is down the tubes. Since the seventies. With imports,Morals,Companies Moving overseas,corporate greed. 3 recessions,gas shortages that were not so.
david mokal February 06, 2013 at 11:40 PM
Greg in the seventies I used to see a cruiser around ward one for years then it stopped. Now I see that they are back patroling my ward frequently again. With the exception of the 60's with the A&P shooting the worst thing that would happen is the Streakers running down the street.
William S February 07, 2013 at 05:11 PM
I would suggest they fund these officers with the money that is already in their budget and has been in their budget for years. They have had funding for officers in the police budget for years and the previous chief bragged about giving it back. He ran for city councilor and actually put in his campaign drop that he had done so. This is a long term downward spiral that they have known about and did nothing to fix it. What happened to that money?
AnnieOMalden February 07, 2013 at 06:25 PM
The former Chief played with the crime numbers so the former Mayor got his "Best Place" designation from a magazine which did no real fact checking. As a result, the 3 year, $500,000 a year grant which all the cities around us got was denied. The Chief was so confident he would get this money he said in a Finance Committee meeting I attended that he didn't need any more money from the city. Well, guess what? He didn't get it and the downward spiral sped up. Not only didn't we have money for new cruisers, we had no money for personnel. Did the city find the money to replace that loss? Who knows. I doubt it as I don't see many new cruisers or personnel. Please don't point to the 3 new recruits. Too little too late. Why hasn't the admin re-applied for these grants? How about, as I suggested before, get help from the Sheriff's Dept. (didn't the Mayor work there?) until those 12 new officers are on board--is it another 12 or are they counting the 3 we just got? If we have millions to move City Hall and buy property for the DPW and retrofit this new place, we have money to buy 20 officers at least. Let's get the priorities in order for a change here, please.


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