Police Department Warns Against Scam

Phone scam targeting residents reported.

North Andover Police. Credit: Patch file photo.
North Andover Police. Credit: Patch file photo.

The North Andover Police Department is warning residents against a phone scam targeting the town.

Several residents have reported receiving phone calls from a caller with the number 978-747-4511. The caller says that the resident has to pay his or her electric bill or the service will be shut off.

Other residents have reported that the same caller has used a similar line, but says it is an IRS payment that needs to be made.

The police report that the caller is attempting to scam residents. All calls should be reported to the police department’s non-emergency line: 978-683-3168.

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Cool Fusion February 02, 2014 at 12:47 PM
OK .. We already figured this out. But it begs the question: "What are they going to do about it?" NAPD will tell you that it's out of their jurisdiction. You call the FBI and they say it the FCC's problem. The FCC doesn't have investigative resources and hence no enforcement .. in a word doesn't "Care". So, year after year we daily take bogus calls over and over from the same scamsters, but our government agencies are too busy to get involved because they are too busy scanning our Facebook page and email, cataloging our google searches, photographing our posted mail, and monitoring who we're in telephone contact with. "If you like your government agencies - You can keep your government agencies".


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