Veteran Charged With VFW Assault on Wedding Day

The former National Guard medic is accused of attacking three older people including a woman.

OUTSIDE BOSTON, MA -- An Iraq War veteran was arrested after his wedding reception Saturday, accused of assaulting seniors at a local .

Police have charged Philip Brooks, 32, of Gloucester and formerly of North Andover, with two counts of assault and battery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and destruction of property.

At just before 9 p.m. Saturday, North Andover Police received a call from the VFW on Park Street in North Andover reporting that the groom from a wedding reception in the banquet hall upstairs had gone to the bar downstairs and assaulted multiple people there, including an elderly man and the man's wife.

"According to witnesses, he forcefully pushed the man's head into a solid oak bar table," North Andover Police Lt. Charles Gray said. Witnesses also reportedly said that he had been yelling about older veterans not respecting Iraq War veterans.

Brooks, who had been married a few hours before, allegedly left with his new bride. Police issued an alert to nearby police departments.

The victims were reportedly treated by EMTs on the scene and did not suffer major injuries.

Andover police located Brooks at Comfort Suites in Andover, and as they approached his room, Brooks reportedly fled.

Andover and North Andover police, along with a K-9 unit, tracked Brooks down in a wooded area near I-93 and arrested him.

Brooks, a former National Guard medic who served two tours in Iraq, was arraigned in Lawrence District Court Monday morning and pleaded not guilty.

UPDATE: Brooks is scheduled to be released Wednesday on $2,000 bail and will be placed on house arrest with a GPS monitoring bracelet. Conditions of his bail include staying drug and alcohol free, submitting to random drug testing and undergoing psychological evaluation.

Hunnie Gunnie July 17, 2012 at 07:33 PM
Sounds like a form of PTSD... Of course we have no way of knowing what the older man or his friends said to set him... Half the story is missing like always... Step in VA and get this guy some help...
OpportunistWatch July 17, 2012 at 07:38 PM
No doubt he will use the PTSD excuse. My dad was attacked and his racist attacker was charged with a hate crime. He got off by claiming not to have taken his anti-depressant meds before consuming $400 worth of booze. Ticking time bombs coming back because Bush went to war for a threat to Lieberman's Israel. Get ready for the new Israeli war we will be fighting with Iran. Our kids will be evenb worse then they are if this takes place. Atleast AIPAC gets their war and uses American bodies to fight it. sick
mike July 17, 2012 at 07:41 PM
A temper problem,, while the soldiers /multiple deployments/of today have it worse than i did 1 yr tour in VN then done, they cant hold a candle to the ww11 vets and the korean vets, those guys served 4+ yrs in ww11 with nary a trip home , and the korean vets were there for 2+ yrs, plus the accomidations todays soldiers have are spa like compared to the primitive conditions of the older guys, heck i had a t shirt or fatigue shirt to stop a bullet, todays soldiers look star wars like in their armour, we had no airconditiong , no video chats home, todays guys have it pretty darn good,


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