Police: Local Produce Warehouse Had $500K of Cocaine Hidden in Boxes

Miguel Betances, 60, and Francisco Gonzalez, 50, were charged with drug trafficking in Lawrence.

Cocaine. File photo.
Cocaine. File photo.

Police said a local produce warehouse was storing more than just fruits and vegetables.

State Police said they found $500,000 worth of cocaine in a Lawrence produce warehouse during a sting operation Sunday.

The warehouse owner, Miguel Betances, 60, was arrested and charged with drug trafficking. Police also arrested Francisco Gonzalez, 50.

Authorities said they seized 11 kilograms of cocaine hidden in the cardboard packaging of produce boxes.

Police said they had intelligence that a huge quantity of drugs was being shipped from the Dominican Republic to Lawrence.

On Saturday, a task force of federal, state, and local officers set up surveillance of the warehouse, located at 1 Broadway St. in Lawrence.

On Sunday morning, police said they saw Betances and Gonzalez load items into a sport utility vehicle. Cruisers pulled over the SUV and said they found a bunch of packets hidden in two produce boxes.

They went back to the warehouse with a warrant and said they found 600 more boxes with cocaine.


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