White Supremacist Sexually Abused Girls in North Andover House of Horrors, Cops Say

Justin Ladd was charged with heinous crimes.

The basement of a North Andover home where authorities say two girls were sexually abused. Credit: WHDH/7News
The basement of a North Andover home where authorities say two girls were sexually abused. Credit: WHDH/7News
An alleged North Andover white supremacist was accused of torturing and sexually abusing his two stepdaughters over the course of five years.

Justin Ladd, 33, of 138 High St., was charged with 21 crimes, according to the Eagle-Tribune.

The home resembled a house of horrors. Swastikas were spray-painted in the basement, and an official said Ladd raised pit bulls down there with "at least"  20 dog cages.

Court papers detailed heinous acts allegedly committed by Ladd:
  • He bashed one girl's head through a wall and held her underwater in a bathtub when she cooked Shepherd's Pie the wrong way
  • He used pliers to pull on the girls' tongues and toes
  • He touched the girls inappropriately and frequently exposed himself to them and their brothers
  • He would force the girls to do push ups for "as long as possible," and hit them with a hammer if they stopped
  • He threatened his "motorcycle group" was going to kill the girls
The girls said Ladd is a white supremacist and has "White Power" tattooed on his stomach.

He was held without bail pending a court hearing May 6.

The alleged abuse took place from 2008 to 2013. The girls, now 14 and 16, were placed in the custody of the state Department of Children and Families.

The home is now being renovated for homeless veterans, according to WHDH/7News.
Aileen Dodge May 03, 2014 at 12:08 PM
My Question is what happen in 2008 when this abuse began. And I will assume that these children were attending school during these years. Why didn't anyone take notice of what had to be a dramatic change in these children's lives and the circumstances that must have lead up to individual having the ability to abuse these children or such an extended amount of time. I mean honestly, you see a person in the market and they yell at their kid and yank that toddler by the arm. Do you stand there and say nothing and do nothing? or to you kindly approach that parent and tell them in a quiet voice that the child cannot overhear. That that should not handle their child that way. That to yank a child's arm like that could dislocate that child's arm. Maybe there are a lot of people other there that are afraid to speak up when they see a parent abusing a child. But you shouldn't be! Because put yourself in that child's place!! And though the example I have given is nothing compared to what the children in this story experienced. The point I am making is that someone had to have seen some kind of sign or indication that something bad was going on in this family!!! And instead of reporting it they may have felt it was NONE of their business, and turned their head to look the other way and allowed this abuse to continue!!! But it is your business if you are a human being that has empathy and sympathy for the innocent children who are in fact the future of our world!!! So maybe that is how you should think if it the next time you witness or suspect someone is abusing an innocent human child!!! If you saw someone dumping used car oil into a drain in the street because they had just done an oil change on their car and this is the old oil. They are just getting rid of it! I bet you would say something to them and I bet you wouldn't hesitate to report it either. Because they are polluting and abusing the planet. And you care about the future of the planet, Right? Well innocent dependent human beings are the future of the planet too. And it is our responsibility to protect them too! And that is all the reason anyone needs to stop or report what they think might be the abuse of a child.
Merry Christmas May 05, 2014 at 06:52 AM
These images of swastikas on Patch seem worse to me broadcast over the internet than painted in some basement. Has Patch in NorthAndover become anti-semitic? I'd suggest this image be taken down because ironically Patch has just participated in what looks like a hate crime.
JohnnyMass May 05, 2014 at 11:51 PM
Come on now, liberal crybabies. Let's not stereotype. Not all white supremacists are child molesting torture freaks!
Carmen Borden May 06, 2014 at 01:32 AM
what happened to my post. all i said in response to merry x-mas was that the swastikas are what racist (anti-semites) paint all over the place including putting it on their bodies. so why is publically showing what they do is participating in a hate crime. its ridiculous to suggest that.


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