Four Lawrence Teens Arrested for Stolen Car

Police were able to stop and arrest them without a chase.

If there's one lesson four Lawrence teens probably learned this week -- other than not to steal a car -- it's not to crank up the radio in a stolen car in the middle of the night.

At about 2:40 a.m. Sunday, Officer Jason Wedge noticed a red Mitsubishi driving along Osgood Street with loud music blaring. He ran a plate check and saw that the car was reported by Lawrence Police as stolen.

Wedge called in the situation and officers William Brush, Joseph Kamal and Eric Sewade jumped into stealth mode to corner the vehicle. When the car took a right onto Foulds Terrace, the police put on their lights and sirens and the suspects had nowhere to go.

"It was great teamwork on part of the shift," Lt. Charles Gray said. "They got together and positioned themselves to prevent a pursuit."

The suspects arrested were Jeff Alverez, 18, of 142 Howard St. Apt. 3, Lawrence; Brian Brito, 17, of 394 Howard St. Apt. 3, Lawrence; Angel Curet, 17, of 191 Howard St. Apt. 1, Lawrence; and Leonardo Toribio, 17, of 110 Allston St., Lawrence. All four were charged with being in possession of stolen property and possession of burglarious materials.

The four teens were released on bail and are scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday in Lawrence District Court.


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