Driver Arrested for Guns and Drugs

The arrest occurred Wednesday near Royal Crest.

A Middleton man was arrested for charges relating to guns and drugs during a traffic stop in North Andover Wednesday morning.

Officer Mark Wilson stopped Michael Evans, 29, of 19 Peabody St., Middleton, Wednesday at around 10:30 a.m., at the intersection of Royal Crest Drive and Turnpike Street, for having a faulty registration sticker.

Upon investigation, Wilson discovered the registration sticker was fraudulent and placed Evans under arrest for having a false Registry of Motor Vehicles document, Lt. Charles Gray said.

Then, while searching Evans' car, Wilson reportedly discovered a gun, a glock, that was loaded. And then he noticed three more -- two rifles and a handgun. Wilson then reportedly found prescription drugs, Gray added.

Evans is charged with using a false registry of motor vehicle document, unlawful carrying of firearms, possession of a class B substance and possession of a class E substance.


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