Battle for the Best: Gelato vs. Ice Cream

There are a number of tough questions a person faces in life. For example, many who find themselves a frozen treat purveyor have pondered a difficult one... who would win in the ultimate taste test: Gelato vs. Ice Cream?

What could be stated simply as an all American favorite against an Italian pastime –is more about understanding the difference between the two, despite their geographical origin. So we want to ask, do you know the difference?

We all scream for Ice- Cream and Melt for Gelato

Heavy on the cream and easy on the eyes- Ice cream is a popular favorite and is available in all grocery stores, convenience stores, and well, everywhere. But when you can get something different, and something special like gelato, which would you prefer? After all, it is a ‘treat’! Don’t get us wrong- both are dairy royalty but it’s important to get their differences down to a science, literally. Then you can be the judge!

Churn Baby Churn

When it comes to the big difference between Ice Cream and Gelato you need to only understand how the ingredients are used. Ice cream contains a much higher fat content than gelato because of a larger amount of cream necessary to create it.  Ice cream is also churned faster resulting in more air added to the final product.  This causes it to increase in volume due to the amount of air added from the rapid churning, which gives Ice Cream it’s reputable, fluffy consistency.  Of course it also means that much of what is inside that ice cream box is air! Finally, ice cream because of its much higher fat content needs to be frozen harder and served colder than gelato. Gelato on the other hand is essentially milk based and has much less air churned into it.  This results in a denser, creamier and more satisfying experience-perfect on those hot days when it takes longer to melt than ice cream.  Gelato is also served at a warmer temperature, which allows your taste buds to immediately to enjoy the flavor sensations. Not like we’re picking sides or anything, but because Gelato has less air than ice cream it takes a much smaller portion to satisfy you!

Turn up The Heat

Mess up the temp on either of these frozen delights and there won’t be any dessert for you! Gelato is served at least 7-12 degrees warmer than ice cream in order to keep its consistency a perfect creamy texture. If it was served at a chillier temp like its dairy cousin ice cream – it would be too hard to serve.  On the other side of the freezer- if you were to keep Ice Cream at the same temperature as Gelato, there would be one melted mess!

So, although we led you to believe that we would offer you some peace and provide you with the answer to the very difficult question: “Which is better?” it is really up to you! We feel like, whether or not you prefer to indulge in the fluffy taste of ice cream or would rather stop into our shop and enjoy the bold and creamy taste of gelato- you’ve got the right idea! Plus, you never know- this might be the winning question of a friendly game of trivia and only YOU can spot and taste the difference! Although as a wise person once said to me “Gelato is ice cream with romance!!”


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