Showing Your Home During the Holidays

"It could be the most wonderful time for a sale"

Most people would dread having their home on the market during the hectic holiday season, but provided that you aren't having the Griswold family do the decorating, it could be the most wonderful time for a sale. A home that is tastefully appointed for the holiday season offers buyers a chance to dream of creating their own special holiday memories; here are some tips to insure that the buyers you do attract during this time of the year put your home on the top of their wish list:

  • Adorn the front of the house with one or two sophisticated holiday trimmings. A Wreath and a holiday themed welcome mat could easily do the trick. Be sure that your home is in keeping with the most attractive of those in your neighborhood
  • Insure that pathways remain free from snow and ice
  • Keep decorations to a minimal; get a smaller tree with fewer decorations leaving the idea of spaciousness. Keep your heirloom decorations safely away. The buyer should not be distracted by personal ornaments and the like, but should rather be able to fill their thoughts with their own items
  • Have a small number of nicely wrapped faux gifts under the tree; if Wal-Mart traditionally backs up in your living room on Christmas day, it is better that potential buyers don’t have to step around plies of gifts
  • Have your cd player turned to a low volume selection of acoustic holiday music; think soothing spa rather than Jingle bells
  • Keep the temperature up for the duration of the showing, a warm home on a cold day is the most inviting of all
  • Use jarred candles in the fireplace to show the glow of a fire without the smell and mess of a real fire; be sure that the candle isn't unattended
  • Place a small plate of freshly baked cookies on the kitchen counter; cookies are the smell of a home

There really isn’t a convenient time to have your house on the market; it means keeping your home in showing condition all of the time and the holidays do require a bit more thought. As always, try to walk through your front door with the fresh eyes of your buyer. If you aren’t sure about the decorating you have planned, ask your realtor.


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