North Andover Sidewalks

I called the town of North Andover offices the other day to find out if it was a law for homeowners with sidewalks in front of their homes to shovel after a storm. To my surprise, it is not. The gentleman I spoke to said that they would "hope" that people would be responsible and take care of it on their own as it's not the town's responsibility either.  I live in the Rock Road/Berkeley Road neighborhood and there is only ONE house on all of Rock Road that takes care of his sidewalk. In the last three years that I've lived here, not ONE of the others on Rock Rd. do anything about it. There is this one person, photos attached that has a path for his dog that he used his snow blower for but couldn't be bothered to go 12 more inches over to take care of the side walk. There is a school in the back of our neighborhood so there are children here that are forced to walk in the middle of the street to get to school. For me, the danger comes when I have to walk my dog in the morning and afternoon. Where there are sidewalks, I most definitely use them when they are clear. When I walk down Rock Rd., I too am forced to walk in the street. Will it take a dog or a child to get hit by a car to wake them up??
Andy Beresford March 13, 2014 at 05:21 PM
It snowed today. Who's going by Rock Road for an update?
Shawna L Bernard March 13, 2014 at 06:41 PM
It's shameful that this is what you people spend your time doing...and Meredith? You're pathetic. I will not respond again. As I said, it's a police matter now.
Meredith Varcarolis March 13, 2014 at 07:49 PM
Shawna, I am not the shameful one who has an opinion about neighbors who don't want to do their part for their town or neighborhood. You also seem to confuse how shameful you must be for wasting your precious time on these posts too. See, I know you will get this, since we get email notifications. I felt compeled in the begining, since it is an issue with pedestrians. We don't have enough sidewalks in places and then they are not shoveld. It is dangerous and it is also not my responsibility to shovel what is not on or next to my property. By the way, you mentioned your husband has a snowblower, so the sidewalk should be an easy situation for him, especially in front of your house. As for the other neighbors, it is up to them. We should never hold ourselves to the same status quo as others and always try to be our best selves. I think that is what your neighbor was hinting at. Anyway, I just saw the post and thought it was meaningful, since we all do rely on each other in some way, shape or form. Someday, you might need Michelle and she will shut the door right in your bloody face. Good day, Good night and Fare well. I still think you are more pathetic than I and a now raging b****.
MikeA March 14, 2014 at 10:03 AM
I think that most if not all sidewalks - where its the residents who are "responsible" for shoveling - are un-usable. Even if all residents were diligent, you'd still have the family on vacation and you'd have several families whose kids do a lousy job etc (even the town done sidewalks can be slippery for several days). Once you have one or two houses with un-shoveled sidewalks, everyone will use the street instead of the sidewalks - its a well plowed, sanded, direct-route asphalt oasis! So if there's already several sidewalks that are un-shoveled and practically no one is using the sidewalks, why should everyone else "waste" their time shoveling their sidewalks? You could slip and fall. You could have a heart attack moving that heavy snow. (One good reason is that your friendly neighbor might take a picture of your house and post it on the Patch). But this is what I LOVE about the Patch. What other website provides timely, useful, and comprehensive information about what's happening in North Andover while also managing to help bring us together as a community? Before the Patch, all we had was Town Meeting.
Andy Beresford March 15, 2014 at 05:34 PM
Well I have the ultimate "Neighbor from Hell" story, but now I better not post it considering the way some people react! Something about the internet seems to turn people insane.


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