Meet Your Neighbor: Lisa Conti

Lisa has been in the biopharmecutical industry for over 20 years and she's a personal trainer.

Meet Your Neighbor is a series that introduces you to North Andover community members. 

Today's featured community members is Lisa Conti.


Patch: What's your occupation?

Lisa: I have been working in the biopharmaceutical industry for the over 20 years. I have always had an interest in our biology and the amazing ability our bodies have to heal themselves, sometimes with the added help of wonderful, innovative medicine. I currently serve as a consultant in the Quality Assurance Validation for a Consent Decree at Genzyme. I have an important job to help remediate their systems and allow them to continue to successfully maufacture life saving drugs for rare, inherited diseases. I also am proud to be a First Responder with the Department of Transportation and I teach CPR and first aid to keep my skills sharp and pass these life saving skills onto others.

I am a personal trainer and currently teach aerobics at WOW in Lawrence where I get great satisfaction helping others reach their goals. My greatest accomplishment is becoming an entrepreneur and opening my own virtual franchise in 2008 selling Juice Plus, an all natural, whole food concentrate. Juice Plus conducts scientific research similar to the process when a new drug candidate is being tested before it can be sold so I feel comfortable sharing it. The best thing we can do for ourselves is to eat more raw fruits and vegetables and exercise, move your body in some way, every day. Where do you want to invest your time, energy and money, prevention or treatment? I like to invest in health.

Patch: How long have you lived in North Andover?

Lisa: We moved here in 2004, I live with my husband Jeff, two boys Leo (11) and Luke (9) our 2 year old Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier Lucky Star and Bearded Dragon Spikz.

Patch: What is your favorite part about living in North Andover?

Lisa: Its perfectly located and within a half hour I can be downtown or up in New Hampshire. I am fitness and health enthusiast and appreciate the access to trails and woodlands where I can hike, bike, or run. It provides a never ending outdoor playground for my entire family. With my virtual franchise, I can work anywhere and not limited to a physical location so I can readily spread the word about the importance of what we eat and exercise. I am developing an international Juice Plus franchise all from the comfort of my own home and changing the lives of people and their DNA for the better!

Patch: What is your favorite location in North Andover?

Lisa: That is hard to narrow down, if I had to pick one, Weir Hill. 

Patch: What is your favorite memory that took place in North Andover?

Lisa: Becoming part of the community through making friends, meeting great neighbors and volunteer services through church. I am especially proud of the work I have been doing with the North Andover Sustainability committee. We have redirected thousands of pounds of materials from incineration at Wheelabrator on Holt Road to be recycled by partnering with the schools and providing education and resources for the community. It is truly a rewarding "job".


Would you or someone you know like to be Patch's featured neighbor? If so, contact jay@jayoza.org.


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