Meet a Teacher: Susan Consoli

Susan teaches second grade at North Andover's Sargent School.

Welcome to Meet a Teacher, a column that features a teacher that teaches here in North Andover.

Today we feature Susan Consoli, one of North Andover's second grade teachers. 


Patch: Where do you teach and how long have you taught there? 

Susan: I have been as second grade teacher at the in North Andover since it opened in 1995 (17 years).

Patch: Briefly describe your education and past experience. 

Susan: I grew up in North Andover and am a graduate of , class of 1983. I then went on to receive my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and later my Masters Degree in Elementary Education, both from UMass Lowell.

Upon graduating, I taught for 3 years in the Lawrence Public Schools but was thrilled to be hired in my hometown of North Andover.

Patch: What is the best part about teaching in North Andover?

Susan: The best part of teaching in North Andover? Working with the children, of course!  I am amazed by how much I learn from them each day. It may sound cliche but it is true what they say, working with children keeps you young at heart! I also have to say I am very fortunate to work with such knowledgeable colleagues and supportive parents.

Patch: Are there any certain teaching strategies or procedures you like to employ in the classroom?

Susan: As a teacher I try to make learning as hands-on and meaningful to the children as possible. Allowing my students to work in groups or with a partner encourages them to share ideas and learn from each other and perhaps even to think in a different way. I try to foster a positive learning environment for my students and get to know them as individuals. We are a little "community" who spend a large portion of our day together. It is important that we all respect each other and enjoy coming to school.

Patch: What inspired you to become a teacher?

Susan: My inspiration for teaching came from my mother. She also taught second grade in North Andover and has since retired. Growing up I would listen to her stories about her school day. I saw it was hard work but also rewarding and fun at the same time.


Do you know any North Andover teachers deserving of recognition? If so, leave a comment or send an email to jay@jayoza.org


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