Letter to the Editor: Transparency

The following was submitted by Bryan Hanssen.

When residents submit letters to the editor, it is to be expected that the letters will be full of opinions and feelings.  Regardless, it is imperative that letter-writers try to keep their submissions honest, as their letters surely shape the public debate.

It is with these sentiments in mind that I feel obliged to write a response to a letter submitted by CJ Gangi.  Mr. Gangi's letter was recently published and initially appeared to speak positively of State Representative Jim Lyons.  However, after the first paragraph, CJ Gangi goes into attack mode by demonizing Lyons' opponent, Barbara L'Italien. Mr. Gangi specifically targets Ms. L'Italien for accepting a job with the Treasurer's Office - which he labels "patronage".

That CJ Gangi is writing a letter supporting Jim Lyons and attacking Ms. L'Italien for "patronage", is both humorous and disturbing. Why? Because when Jim Lyons got elected in 2010, Lyons rewarded Mr. Gangi's younger brother - Lyons' campaign manager in 2010 - with a government job in Boston. By CJ Gangi's own definition, Jim Lyons is not only guilty of patronage, but it is Mr. Gangi's brother who is the beneficiary of Lyons' largess with taxpayer money.

CJ Gangi's letter serves as an unfortunate reminder to all readers that voters are responsible for researching candidates. Mr. Gangi's letter avoids defending Lyons' agenda of scaling back a woman's right to choose; Lyons legislative attacks on gay students; and Lyons indefensible assaults on women's healthcare.

Mr. Gangi's hypocritical attacks and misleading letter should motivate all voters to stay informed of the candidates ahead of Tuesday's election. 

Bryan Hanssen

Michael Quinlan November 04, 2012 at 01:57 PM
Bryan of course does not dispute the corruption of the Democrat majority for immediately 'finding' a $100,000 per year job for a failed candidate soundly rejected by her constituents. L'Italien is part of the problem the electorate corrected in the last election. She will be resoundingly rejected by mature and thoughful adults tired of the dispiriting jive L'Ialien in which specializes.
MikeA November 04, 2012 at 10:27 PM
I think the letter writer makes some good points about letter writer transparency (assuming their true and I have no reason to think otherwise but how do we know the letter writer is being transparent). Quite a few letter to the editor writers have ties to the candidates that are unstated. There's been quite a few Patch submissions by L'Italien's campaign manager (or someone with the same name) that didn't mention this fact. Since campaigns are "zero sum" games, it tends to bring out the worst behavior of many of us.
Johnson November 04, 2012 at 11:54 PM
This letter is so ridiculous that a part of me hates to dignify it with a response, BUT Sunday's winding down and I'm in my chair, so let's set some things straight! First and foremost, the entire premise of Bryan's bitter, scurrilous letter is false. The younger Gangi is not, and never has been, the campaign manager for ANY political candidate. That's right: the basis of the ONE point made in this rambling, incoherent letter is based on an outright lie- although I suppose that fits in perfectly with Barbara's campaign strategy. Barbara and her supporters are clearly getting desperate. I would pose the question, "Have you no decency?", but, hey, at this point, what's one more lie? What difference do facts make? Another falsehood is a small price to pay in order to lurk around the darkened Beacon Hill corridors with L'Italien's past cronies, Willy Lantigua and Sal Dimasi.
Local Jokull November 05, 2012 at 12:49 AM
There are two kinds of patronage. The first is to a select group of bona-fide campaign workers whose real work is needed by the politician in both campaign mode and governing mode. It is an appropriate and positive element of the system. The second is bloated payrolls of thousands of no-lifting jobs to distant hangers-on who only get in the way. This is typically a problem for both parties but in Massachusetts it is the domain of the democrats--from Massport to Umass to the MBTA to the Probation Department. I have no idea if L'Italien's work at the Treasurer's office was real or not but for any democrat in this state to point to a republican who gets a single job for his campaign manager and cry: "Gasp!--Patronage!!" is beyond disingenuous.
Michael Quinlan November 05, 2012 at 02:54 PM
Democratic Town Committee Co-Chair Bryan Hanssen. Hardly an unbiased source.


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