Letter to the Editor: Supporting L'Italien for State Representative

The following was submitted by Barbara Jessel.

To the Editor,

Living in Boxford's precinct 2 we were fortunate to have Barbara L'Italien as our State Representative for 8 years.  At the same time Boxford was also fortunate to have Brad Hill as a State Representative and Bruce Tarr as our State Senator.  The three of them worked together very effectively for Boxford and were able to accomplish a great deal.  I believe they were particularly successful because of the bipartisan nature of their relationship.  While they had many accomplishments during that time, the most important was the work they did to address the terrible problems that some Boxford residents have with salt in their water.  Barbara L'Italien was key in passing legislation to compel MassDOT to commission an engineering study of the salt problem and recommend solutions to restore the groundwater quality.  I do not believe that the legislation would have been passed in its current form (over the Governor's objections) without Barbara's strong advocacy.  She demonstrated many times that she is willing to do what she believes is right, independent of party.

During those 8 years, Barbara was often in Boxford.  She was at Selectmen's meetings, Masco meetings, held monthly office hours at our senior center and attended other events regularly.  She was consistently responsive to constituent questions and issues.  Between Barbara, Representative Hill and Senator Tarr, we have become accustomed to legislators who are available and responsive, working with Town officials to address Boxford's issues.

In 2010 Jim Lyons was elected to replace Barbara L'Italien.  While Barbara always paid attention to our town, the same cannot be said of Mr. Lyons.   Just this past summer, Senator Tarr requested a meeting with the Boxford Selectmen to discuss an issue relative to the salt study.  Senator Tarr, Representative Hill and Representative Lyons were in attendance.  Before the meeting started, I watched as Representative Lyons introduced himself to the members of the Board of Selectmen.  After a year and a half in office, he had never met our Town officials nor attended a Selectmen's meeting.  Ironically, at this same meeting the Selectmen recognized Barbara for her important role working on this issue.

Due to redistricting, only residents of precinct 1 have the opportunity to vote for Barbara L'Italien.  I hope that they will vote for her, as she has demonstrated that she will be an effective, responsive Representative for all of Boxford. 


Barbara Jessel

Bill Callahan October 25, 2012 at 02:35 PM
Furthermore. Rep. Lyons method of "protecting" the taxpayer is to introduce bills that go nowhere. It would be like someone filing a bill banning automobiles and saying that they are stopping global warming. It wouldn't be so damaging except that local representatives are vital to helping our local municipalities get the money goods and services they deserve.
salemst October 25, 2012 at 03:07 PM
Bill C, L'Italien has no financial experience--wasn't her professional background pre 2002. Yet, she was the 9th highest paid staffer earning 100K per year. Not a patronage job? If she had no financial experience what would you call it? Clearly a payback for obediently doing what she was told by 3 indicted Speakers she supported. A 'go along to get along' typical politician. She has great relationships with Democrat Power Brokers in what's been a one party state If the state elects more Republicans Jim Lyones' bills get passed. Only 33 Republicans today with 127 Democrats. Get the House to 81 adding 48 seats and you'll see more Lyons' bills passed. Lyons wants local aid money coming here rather than illegals, lower taxes, lower government mandates and regulations, more money in the taxpayers' pockets and more profit for business so they can hire more people. L'Italien opposes all of the above paragraph. The choice is crystal clear. If you want a stronger economy and local aid, vote Lyons.
MikeA October 25, 2012 at 03:15 PM
Bill - I never charged Rep. L'Italien about political patronage or being not qualified to work in the State Treasurer's office.
MikeA October 25, 2012 at 03:26 PM
Bill - finally you have an argument that's on firmer ground. Rep. Lyons views are different from the tax and spend liberal democrats - or should I say spend and tax - that are in the majority. Therefore, his ideas aren't currently getting very far. That doesn't mean his views are wrong. If you're a liberal democrat who likes the existing tax and spend policies, I don't expect you to vote for Rep. Lyons. I'm just trying to correct everyone who are trying to mislead everyone about his polices.
salemst October 25, 2012 at 03:36 PM
Mike A is correct. I made the charge L'Italien was unqualified for the crony patronage 100K position in the Treasurer's Office, not Mike


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