Letter to the Editor: Lyons is Right for Our District

The following was submitted by CJ Gangi.

To the Editor:

Jim Lyons is just the kind of person we need representing our Merrimack Valley district. Jim represents change and reform in state government.

Jim has worked diligently to increase our Local Aid and he has fought against the reckless spending of our hard-earned tax dollars. Jim is fearless when standing up for the taxpayers, small business owners, and struggling working families of the 18th Essex District.

That's why the big city Democrat power-brokers are frantically spending so much money to hurt Jim Lyons and his advocacy for Local Aid and responsible budgets. These power-brokers will do anything to defeat Jim and then bring back one of their own - Democrat insider Barbara L'Italien.       L'Italien followed along with the big city Democrat power-brokers to slash Local Aid and hike the Sales Tax by a whopping 25%. Clearly, L'Italien worked against her constituents in the Merrimack Valley. Our local communities were punished by L'Italien's Local Aid cuts, and our consumers and small businesses were hurt by her huge Sales Tax hike.

L'Italien was a willing ally of Speaker Sal DiMasi and Bob DeLeo. DiMasi and DeLeo misspent our tax resources on bailing out corruption by Lantigua and his allies at Lawrence City Hall, giving taxpayer-funded benefits to illegal aliens, and lavishing patronage on the scandal-ridden Probation Department. It's no surprise that L'Italien, herself, inherited a $100,000.00 per year patronage paycheck in the state bureaucracy. Now, she's coming back and demanding more.

Today, Sal DiMasi sits in a federal penitentiary for abusing the public trust. DiMasi is the third consecutive big city Democrat Speaker convicted of a serious felony.

Is it any wonder these insiders and power-brokers fear the kind of reform, openness and transparency that Jim Lyons carries from our Merrimack Valley to Beacon Hill?

CJ Gangi

Bill Kelly November 02, 2012 at 12:51 AM
Fact Check Alert, Barbara not only voted against the Lawrence bailout bill as in she voted NO when the bill came up, She voted yes for the Republican amendment ( a very wise amendment in my opinion) for more State oversight of Lawrence fiscal matters. Just wanted to throw that out there for the voters. Voters please don't overlook the vote for your State Rep races, These positions believe it or not will have as much of a direct impact on us as the Presidential or US Senate Race, The votes our Reps make in MA House affect Chapter 70 local aid among many other things and this will affect your property tax bill and the quality of our local public education. FYI


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