Best Ways to Avoid the Flu

Suggestions to stay healthy and boost the immune system -Best ways to ward off the flu and colds and tune-up your immune system

Are You Often Sick? Here are ways to tune up your Immune System

This has been a record flu season, but that does not mean just because you have been exposed to the flu that you have to catch it. If your immune system is strong and you have healthy lifestyle habits, your chances are better of not catching the flu. You are likely to stay healthy with good nutrition, regular exercise, rest and sleep, and finding ways to destress.

If you have had several colds in a short period of time, infections, or the flu this year that seems to linger, chances are your immune system is running on low and you need to give it a boost. The first thing to do is take a look at your lifestyle factors and see if anything is contributing to lowering your immune system. Food allergies, lack of exercise, smoking, excess alcohol, toxins, and too much sugar are some of the factors that lower the immune. And remember each time you take an anti-biotic, the immune system is lowered, so be sure to consider if it is really necessary. This is because 70% of your immune system is in your gut and antibiotics disturb what is called the gut flora and it will take time to rebuild the gut from the effect of medicine. Recent studies show probiotics will help to rebuild the gut by increasing the beneficial bacteria to help fight pathogens and has many otherbenefits.


 If you are at high risk, it is best to avoid crowds and public places and remember


With clients, I like to take into consideration the state of emotions as well because depression, anger, and chronic stress also suppress the immune system. You can have the best diet in the world, but long term stress has a harmful influence on the body, so it is beneficial to find healthy ways to cope with stress.

Here are some helpful suggestions to boost your immune system and get on a path to improved health.

Rest and manage your stress

Have plenty of vegetables and fruits

Eat a diet that has a variety
of foods

Drink plenty of fluids

Make sure you have sufficient

Get a good night’s sleep as
often as possible

Make sure your vitamin D
level is over 50

Wash your hands several times
a day

Keep hand sanitizers and
wipes near by

Keep your hands away from your
face, nose, and mouth

Stay home from work/school if
you are sick

Minerals are as important as
vitamins, especially zinc and selenium

I take a take a high potency
multi vitamin and mineral supplement

With a good amount of Vitamin
A, C, and E

Avoid people that are sick

Stay active-It is important to exercise in the winter too!

Helpful herbs are Astragulus, Echinacea, and Oregano

I like to gargle with oregano oil to keep down the bacteria in my mouth

“Stay well and be happy!”


Michelle P. Corey

www.bostonbiofeedback.com  68 Main St Suite 8 Andover Ma 01810

Michelle is a Holistic Health Consultant in Andover MA and addresses all aspects of well-being

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Eszter Vajda February 12, 2013 at 01:25 AM
Great suggestions Michelle ! Thank you !
Merit Tukiainen February 14, 2013 at 02:46 AM
And if you fail and start feeling cold or flu symptoms get Oscillicoccinum from CVS or Whole Foods to nip it in the bud. Works every time for me!


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