Tommy Strong: Thank You from the Cox Family

A community has come together to support a family and help them rise through the unthinkable.

Tommy Cox.
Tommy Cox.
The family of Tommy Cox -- the 10-year-old boy who lost one of his legs in a boating accident this fall -- sends the following message to the North Andover community:

On September 5th, our lives changed forever due to Tommy’s accident. When our world turned upside down, many of you were there to help pick up the pieces.

Family, friends, neighbors, classmates, teachers, coaches, colleagues, complete strangers...

so many have done so much to support our family.

We can never properly express our gratitude but please know that all you have done has been truly h u m b l i n g a n d a p p r e c i a t e d .

Monetary contributions, fundraisers, meals, childcare, driving our children to activities, lawn mowing, house maintenance, renovations, visits to the hospital, gifts, cards, phone calls, text messages, prayers – they have all meant the world to us.

So, simply put, thank you.

John and Julie Cox 


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