VIDEO: Between the Towers

Bob and Donna Cuomo of North Andover reflect on their harrowing experience at the 22-story Marriott World Trade Center hotel.

Bob and Donna Cuomo narrowly escaped the Marriott World Trade Center Hotel on 9/11. Bob was at the hotel for a business presentation when the first plane hit. Donna was just beginning her day in their hotel room on the 15th floor.

Beyond their nerve-wracking getaway from the hotel, Bob and Donna consider themselves extremely fortunate to have made it to Penn Station and boarded a train back to Boston where they were united with their family that very same night.

“The train back to Boston was painful in a lot of ways,” says Bob. “As we were moving away from New York you could see the smoke emanating from the towers. Remember, this was September, it was still light out into the evening and you could see what was happening and we were getting a better idea of just how tragic this event was.”

Bob goes on to say, “It's changed my perspective in a lot of ways. Things that I thought were very serious are not. It’s put a very different perspective on life. We were married for 32 years at the time and that could’ve been gone in an instant.”


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