The Week In Blogs: Getting Older, Dog Adoption and Taxation

Your recap of our blog community.

North Andover Patch was busy with blogs this week.

Pet care specialist extraordinaire Tracey Zysk reminded us that October is National Adopt a Dog Month and dispelled many myths about dogs.

"In fact, dogs want to please, they want to make their owners happy," she wrote. "Therefore, if you are compassionate enough to adopt a dog and give him a good home, your dog will realize and appreciate that.  He will want to learn and will enjoy being trained.  He wants to do well and since he was in a shelter, he is now ready to please. He has already been through more pain and hurt than we can ever imagine.  Several of these dogs, were abandoned, abused or tossed aside.

State Rep. Jim Lyons promised to stand up against any attempt at tax increases, accusing Democrats of planning to increase taxes after the election.

"Maybe we can squeeze all these Beacon Hill 'Tax Tricks' into one big Halloween bag," said Lyons. "Because the Democrat Administration is disguising them until after the election, we'll call them the 'Trick or Treat' Tax Hikes."

Blogger Frank McCabe had a birthday. but he seems to be taking it with humor.

"This may be the first birthday that I am truly I not happy to look in the eye," he wrote. "There is nothing special, cool or fun about turning 38. I am that much closer to 40, that much farther from 30…and cripes, my 20s might as well be the Mesolithic period."

And Hillary Adams Case taught us how to use art containers for travel storage.

"Travel containers can be so expensive, but why take up valuable space in your luggage if you don’t need a large quantity of a product?" she wrote.

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