POWER UPDATE: Almost There

Much of the town has had its power restored, and more will be restored tonight.

It's been a long, frustrating week for North Andover residents who lost electricity after the worst October storm on record.

But most people who lost their power have had it restored as of Thursday afternoon.

The Village Green condominiums were restored to power last night, as well as many of the areas along the Salem Street area line from the substation at Salem and Dale streets east toward Boxford.

It's been non-stop work for local crews, Emergency Management Director Jeff Coco said.

Next Up

Almost There: National Grid is saying that 100 percent of the town's main circuits will be fixed by tonight, Coco said.. Then they will work on individual homes that are still without power for other reasons.

Sullivan Street: That street is being worked on right now and shouyld be restored soon.

Mill Pond: That area is being worked on right now as well and should be restored soon.

Royal Crest: That apartment complex is taking more time due to complications.

"We still have an issue over on Royal Crest Drive where a portion is still out," Coco saod. "It's an underground line, and they need a special crew to do that."

Boxford Street: Coco reports that Boxford Street is completely restored now.

These will take care of the major issues left in town.

"Other than that, everything else is sporadic," Coco said. Many homes without power have individual issues that will be addressed on an individual basis from now on.

What You Can Do

If you still do not have power or know people who do not, you are asked to call the Town Clerk's office at Town Hall at 978-688-9501 and let Joyce Bradshaw know.

"They in turn are emailing Doug [the National Grid liaison] so they are aware of the issues," Coco said. "It's a system that has been working great so far."

If it is after Town Hall hours, Coco asks that you call him directly at his North Andover Emergency Management number, 978-490-6505, or Connor Lincoln at 978-490-6541.

Cool Fusion November 03, 2011 at 10:23 PM
This is National Gridlock's vision and strategy. I see growth, stakeholders, contracts, good returns, But I don't see "Customer Satisfaction" nor do I see "Level of service" * Driving improvements in our safety, customer and operational performance. * Delivering strong, sustainable regulatory and long term contracts with good returns * Modernising and extending our transmission and distribution networks * Expanding our capabilities and identifying new financeable opportunities to grow * Becoming more efficient through transforming our operating model and increasingly aligning our processes *.Building trust, transparency and an inclusive and engaged workforce * Developing our talent, leadership skills and capabilities * Positively shaping the energy and climate change agenda with our external stakeholders in both regions
Cool Fusion November 04, 2011 at 01:19 PM
Coco says the system is working. It's not, by any definition. North Andover town employees are doing most of National Gridlock's job. It's a kludged "Fly by night - Learn as you go operation. NG had no pre-drafted emergency Recovery Plan, nor did the town have a pre-created priority list, and the Mass Utility Commission of interned hacks is absolutely clueless. The citizens of this fine town demand a copy of the post-mortem recovery report.. the exact same one that is sent to National Grid's senior management published for our review. It's outrageous that home owners are charge $85.00 for a required building permit to repair a damaged line connection box attached to the house before any work is done. Customers should be able to call this monopoly directly... but national grid took all their phones off the hook.. except the low level, low skilled person masquerading as the "customer desk". It's pretty clear by observers that scores of verizon and comcast trucks are on the ground and National Grid trucks seem to never be seen.. nowhere.. in six days. Are you prepared for the next round to be repeated in the same manner for the next January storm?
Jeff Coco November 05, 2011 at 06:42 AM
Steve (Cool Fusion), First let me say it was a pleasure meeting you at the D.P.W.. If you read the story closely, you would realize that I am referring to the REPORTING system that the town put in place worked well. Many citizen experienced a flawed system when they attempted to accessed the grid by telephone or the web. As you aptly stated at the meeting, the grid didn't have enough trucks in our town (A grid senior management decision? I'm not sure.) but , the crews that were working in our town went nonstop. Your right about us applying due diligence on behalf of our citizens, and I would do the same again even if the grid was a flawless company. I can't address the issue about the grids emergency plans, but your community does have a plan (Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan) that addresses this very issue. We have a "pre-created priority list" that is commonly referred to as a critical infrastructure priority list; tailoring it to fit the current issue that we're dealing with. I hope I was able clarify a couple of points.


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