Power Returns for Much of the Town

Many in town are having a bright morning.

As if Santa came on All Hallows Eve, many in town got a surprise upon waking this morning. The vast majority of power outages have been fixed, and many have their power back.

Nearly 4,000 homes in North Andover were still without power last night after the weekend's massive storm. The largest area in North Andover without power is around Massachusetts Avenue -- stretching from Waverly Road to Dale Street and from Lake Cochichewick all the way to Route 114. Another large area without power is around Lake Cochichewick along Great Pond Road into Boxford.

But this morning, National Grid is reporting only small pockets of power outages scattered around town. There is no official number of homes restored since yetsrday, but it seems as if at least 2,000 customers have been restored in North Andover.

Who Still Waits

While the news from National Grid maybe be great for many, there are still a bunch of residents without electricity this morning.

  • Along Route 114 toward Middleton, there's a large pocket of about 500 customers without power.
  • Along Massachusetts Avenue heading toward Lawrence, there are about 500 homes without power.
  • There are still about 200 customers without power around the Municipal Airport and Lake Cochichewick near Osgood Street.
  • In addition to those, there are several smaller pockets of outages scattered around town that add up to about 400 more outages combined.

If you still don't have power or heat, you can go to a shelter set up at the

Check back with Patch for further updates.


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