Halloween Chatter: Zombie Apocalypse

Where would you go in town if the zombie plague struck?

It's Halloween season, and there will be lots of people dressed as zombies in town pretty soon.

That got us thinking... If a zombie plague outbreak and zombie apocalypse did happen, where would be the best place in town to hide out and defend ourselves from being eaten or turned into zombies?

Given North andover's vast landscape and geographical diversity, there may be many options. Weir Hill, the Police Station, the renovated mill building on High Street (with lots of food and beer at Jaime's), to name just a few.

The North Andover survivors would also need leadership while setting up a new civilization. Perhaps a selectman, or or Emergency Management Director Jeff Coco, again to name just a few.

So where would you go to set up your fortress against the undead, and who would you want leading your survival team? Leave a comment and discuss.

NOTE: This is just for fun. There is no actual zombie outbreak... that we know of.

mpf October 26, 2012 at 12:30 PM
Funny, the first place I thought of was the mills at High Street. Probably the old police station...I don't know why!!! But I don't need to...
Bryan McGonigle (Editor) October 26, 2012 at 12:34 PM
Hmmm I would go to the High Street mill building. The building is new-ish and there's a secure courtyard to relax outside as well as Jaime's and Good Day for food. and Jaime Faria can give people beer and hot wings so they don't go insane.


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