Five Local Places to Stay Cool

It's hot. Stay cool. Stay nearby.

It's hot outside. Really hot. Tuesday has seen temperatures in the high-80s and Wendesday is supposed to reach the mid-90s.

It's not safe to be outside for long periods of time, especially running around. But that doesn't mean you have to accept cabin fever. Get out and stay cool.

Here are five places to stay cool in this hot weather.

The library isn't just a great place for earning. It's also a place you can get out of the heat. And last fall, a special Town Meeting approved funding for the library's new HVAC system to keep the building comfortable. Check the library's Web site for activities.

2. Chunky's Cinema

Chunky's Cinema is in Haverhill, but it has a family-friendly atmosphere for you and the kids. Our Moms Council and Chunky's was mentioned with thumbs up. Check the cinema's Web site for showtimes.

Ice cream is great for the heat. Treadwell's has a wide variety of flavors and is a local favorite. Check the business's Web site for its menu and hours.

If you're looking for indoor relaxation with food and drinks, Jimmy's Culpeppers is a local hangout that may be worth checking out. It has a sports bar atmosphere and a diverse menu.

5. LazerCraze

In the mood to run around but still require air conditioning? Head on over to LazerCraze and enjoy lazer tag for the whole family. Check their Web site for hours.


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