Cheryl Hajjar and Amy Perreault Create Indigo Magic

Local woman develops books series to help work through childhood milestones.

North Andover native Cheryl Hajjar and co-author Amy Perreault have published the first in an ongoing series of books geared toward children ages 1-4.

The Paci Pixie is a magical story of a helpful fairy who lives in an Indigo Forest and encourages young children to willingly give up their pacifier.

Drawing from personal experience, Hajjar and Perreault devised the concept when they each personally struggled with the battle to have their youngsters relinquish their pacifiers. Perreault, an experienced early childhood development professional, and Hajjar, an accomplished singer-songwriter, combined their knowledge and talent to create this exciting book for children and thoughtful tool for parents.

The Paci Pixie is the first of several developmental books that the pair has created and is currently available for purchase on the Indigo Magic website, www.indigopixies.com.  Other Pixies to be published in the future will include: The Potty Pixie, The Bubba Pixie, The Bedtime Pixie and the Blanket Pixie.

In addition to a quality story line, the Pixie series features colorful and dynamic illustrations to captivate the young reader. Perreault’s husband, Steven, is a graphic designer and he skillfully crafted the vibrant images. The computer generated imagery lends a very modern, up to date, look to the pages that will allow children to connect with these playful characters in a most engaged way.

Hajjar’s contribution to this tale extends beyond story inspiration and content and taps into her lifelong commitment to music.  She began training as a pianist at the age of seven and has since built a career in music as a songwriter and recording artist.  She has written, recorded and performed her music in Nashville and Los Angeles and has also published music for use in television and commercials.

It was her initial song creation to help her son surrender his pacifier that eventually inspired the book. A CD of her song is included with the book as well as a read-along version of the story.

The Paci Pixie has been internationally recognized and awarded a Mom’s Choice Award honoring excellence. It was also featured in Parents Magazine. The multicultural fairies have been designed to build confidence in children worldwide.

Hajjar and the Perreaults are excited to share this uplifting book series with young people and parents everywhere. Knowing that their book is helping parents and children to overcome a shared struggle makes their desire to distribute the book event stronger.

“We know it works,” said Hajjar. “We’ve had a lot of parents who have bought the book and have gone through the process and have been successful.”

Look for a book signing to be held on Sept. 24 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Knights of Columbus on Sutton Street as part of the Merchant’s Fall Festival.

To learn more about the Paci Pixie and the Indigo Magic organization, visit www.indigopixies.com or email authors@indigopixies.com.


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