Tierney: The Ryan Budget Is Not A Good Start!

Today, Congressman John Tierney spoke with seniors at the Colonial Gardens retirement community in Beverly. Tierney talked about his record of protecting Social Security and Medicare benefits.

Tierney: The Ryan Budget Is Not A Good Start!

Tierney celebrates National Senior Citizens Day with seniors in Beverly



Beverly, MA – Today, Congressman John Tierney spoke with seniors at the Colonial Gardens retirement community in Beverly. Tierney talked about his record of protecting Social Security and Medicare benefits, and took part in the community’s National Senior Citizens Day celebration as part of his campaign’s Standing Up For Seniors Week.


“I remain committed to making sure seniors have the secure retirement that they have earned,” said Congressman John Tierney. “I will keep fighting to preserve Medicare and Social Security. I strongly oppose the Paul Ryan Budget that will dismantle both of these critical programs that seniors depend on. The Ryan-Tisei agenda will end Medicare and force the middle class to pay more.”


John Tierney’s Republican opponent, Richard Tisei, said that the Ryan Plan was “a good starting point.” Tisei said that everything, including cuts to Social Security and Medicare, should be on the table. Congressman Tierney believes that any plan that will raise taxes on the middle class, gut Social Security, and end Medicare is not a good start.


“Richard Tisei wants to re-engineer Medicare as we know it. Medicare works well and I want it to be there for my children and grandchildren. Tisei would repeal the Affordable Care Act and reopen the Medicare donut-hole, which would cost seniors more money for their prescription drugs. I am supporting John Tierney because of his commitment to protecting Social Security and Medicare,” said George Silverman a resident at Colonial Gardens.


Richard Tisei, who just turned 50, said recently that, “We will have to change [Medicare] around for younger people like me." Tisei’s plan mirrors the Ryan Plan to turn Medicare into a voucher system, for those closing in on the retirement age.


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Neil August 17, 2012 at 02:15 AM
Republicans act as if the only way to fix Medicare is to end the guarantee. I've been paying into Medicare all of my working life, 3 years short of 40. I'll be dammed if I'll accept losing guaranteed health care in retirement because Republicans refuse to find a way to strengthen it and keep the guarantee rather then end it, privatize it, and turn it into a coupon that covers little now, and less and less over time. If you are 54 and younger you'd be a fool to vote Republican in November.
Cool Fusion August 17, 2012 at 03:06 AM
So Sasquatch really did killed Jimmy Hoffa and buried him under Marilyn Monroe's casket. So, now Tierney is cruising nursing homes and freaking out elderly seniors with deceptions and distortions scare tactics. Slugs leave less of a slime trail. Let it be known.. that no politician or either party has even suggested that anyone over the age of 55 will be effected by any plan proposed or under consideration to reform senior entitlements benefits ... excepting for the recent passed democratic legislation of $715 billion that will be taken from Medicare to fund Obamacare over the next decade which Tierney voted FOR and Ryan voted AGAINST. With Tierney loose on the streets .. nursing home outer doors should be locked to those outside as well as those inside to protect the vulnerable resident members.
MikeA August 17, 2012 at 12:36 PM
It looks like Neil is our first Patch Tierney supporter. Neil's sentiment - I paid into the system and I expect my benefits - is a symptom of what's wrong with our government. Neil did pay into the system. Most of us all pay into the system in various ways. (The wealthy pay into the system but some are saying they're not paying enough). Since we have a 14 trillion dollar deficit, the money Neil and I paid is gone. Now that we've paid (or not), its all about getting our share or even more than our share of the spoils. Instead of being concerned about whats good for our country, we've become a country looking for handouts. Our politicians are borrowing money hand over fist to add to our payments in order to provide these handouts. In the meantime, government is wasting much of the money or stealing it for themselves with their salaries and lavish benefits. As time goes by, we'd be all better off if we kept our money instead of racing to the various "free" government buffets. Although the Republicans have their special interests, they provide the best chance to reduce the size of government or at least reduce the rate of growth or maybe waste less money. John Tierney is the candidate, IMHO, whose fighting to keep those government buffets stocked.
MikeA August 18, 2012 at 05:37 PM
Hey Neil, From a Mitt Romney ad: “You paid into Medicare for years: every paycheck. Now, when you need it, Obama has cut $716 billion dollars from Medicare. Why? To pay for Obamacare” If you agree with this logic, John Tierney also voted to cut Medicare to pass Obam aCare. To help save Medicare, repeal ObamaCare ...
Cool Fusion August 18, 2012 at 06:36 PM
A plague of locusts would be more helpful. Another Political Hack preying on assailable seniors. As ice cream cones, they come in all flavors .. this one is a republican with eighteen (18) years of pension building non-service. It's time for a change of leadership. Fortunately for taxpayers, he has Primary ballot competition this year. http://www.eagletribune.com/local/x236908647/Sen-Tarr-wanted-to-hear-what-Rhoton-said


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