Five Sensational Seafood Dishes

Today’s episode of Andovers A la Cart features three seafood dishes that embody the seafood spirit of New England.

Most New Englanders bask in the glory of being arguably the seafood capital of the world.

Our restaurants serve some of the freshest, most unique, and most demanded seafood dishes in the world.

This week's installment of Andovers a la Carte features three seafood dishes nearby that embody the seafood spirit of New England.

1. Ahi Tuna

At in North Andover, the Ahi Tuna dish is listed on the menu as an appetizer, but many restaurant goers will be content with it as an entrée.

The tuna is pan seared and crusted with sesame. It comes rare and served with cucumber onion slaw. It is then drizzled with ginger soy sauce and given a spicy kick of wasabi. The Ahi Tuna goes for $12.99.

2. Grilled Scallops

Grilling scallops is a difficult undertaking. The soft morsels of meat need just the right amount of time over the flame and an extra minute could ruin this seafood sensation.

Don’t risk it and leave it to in Andover to grill you the savory entrée of grilled scallops.

The dish is served with a thyme cream sauce that adds just enough flavor to the juicy scallops. And what are scallops without bacon? The dish is served with a bacon-onion butternut squash and some roasted potatoes. The grilled scallops dish goes for $26.50.

3. Lobster Baked Potato

We New Englanders have found every possible use for lobsters. We put it into rolls and into soups. We pick them out ourselves. We catch them, cook them, and eat them all year round!

in North Andover has a specialty that you may have to taste to believe.

The Lobster Baked Potato is listed as an appetizer, but can be the perfect accompaniment to a meal or fly solo as a lunch treat.

The potato is stuffed with lobster claw and knuckle meat. It is baked with lobster cream sauce as well as some cheese. The market price fluctuates for such a dish as do most lobster dishes you will encounter.

4. Sweet Clam Strip Roll

Clam strips are another New England favorite. At the in North Andover, you can get a sweet clam strip roll with French fries and tartar sauce for $7.95.

5. Grilled Salmon

This is a popular fish due to its high content of protein and omega-3 fatty acids... and, of course, its taste.

At in Andover, you can order their grilled salmon dinner, which can be served plain, in white whine and herb sauce or mable BBQ sauce, for $11.95. This comes with rice pilaf and fresh vegetables.

So tie up your lobster bib and get ready to taste the seafood spirit of the Andovers!


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