Three Lunchtime Destinations

Discover three pizza/sub shops nearby whose menus you should definitely keep on hand.

Welcome to Andovers a la Carte! Every week in this column we explore dining experiences in Andover and North Andover that you must know about.

Every Thursday morning, as you begin to plan your weekend, you will learn about the best kept secrets, local favorites, and even the best of what the big chains have to offer.

This week we look at the Andovers’ best options for pizza and sub shops. These three lunchtime destinations that have options, flavor, and character. 

What is your favorite pizza or sub shop around town? Let us know in the comments. Here are ours.

This hidden gem is tucked away on Post Office Avenue in Andover. My Brothers is open every day from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. except for Sundays, and the newly renovated dining room is suitible for sharing a pie with friends or devouring an Italian sub while watching TV.

Wish for this Dish: Pita Bread Pizza. My Brothers’ Pita Bread Pizza not only promises a healthier option than traditional pies, it also packs a crunchy punch. Pita Bread Pizzas come in a single size for under $6 that you may not want to share if you are very hungry. Try one topped with their buffalo or barbeque chicken.

2. Captain Pizza

On 114, next door to Stop & Shop, you will find Jasmine Plaza. Within the plaza is a little taste of the Mediterranean that is different from other pizza shops in town. Their pizza is classic Greek style, but the Mediterranean flavor of their food is what sets this place apart. Spring for a Steak Shawarma, Shish Tawouk or even some Baba Ganoush and you won’t be disappointed.

Wish for this Dish: Falafel Rollup. The Falafel Rollup is a steal at only $4.50 and it’s a very popular meal throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East. A falafel is made by mashing chickpeas, diced onions, spices, and herbs together and rolling them into balls or hockey puck shapes. Deep fry the finished product and you have a crispy, flavorful, and hunger satisfying falafel. The falafels are then topped with creamy tahini sauce and rolled up in a fresh pita with vegetables.

Opened in 1984, this North Andover staple serves famous pizza sticks and, of course, famous roast beef sandwiches. Harrison’s has many little specialties such as the mozzarella sticks and fresh pickles, but perhaps the most notorious are the crinkled French fries whose unique charm many find irresistible. Swing by Harrison’s on Chickering Road, just passed the 114 intersection and experience what longtime North Andoverites have loved for years.

Wish for this Dish: Medium Roast Beef with Cheese and Extra Sauce. The extra sauce is key to add a tangy taste and smooth texture to the sandwich. With regard to portions, the medium sized sandwich is perfect considering each sandwich comes with a very generous helping of delicious roast beef. Adding a side of those crinkle fries will complement the meal nicely as you relax in the very spacious dining room.

Richard Vaillancourt October 27, 2011 at 02:39 PM
Jay, thanks for the clarification. However, I would still prefer to see North Andover Restaurant suggestions in northandover.patch.com. Remember, North Andover Restaurants still do not charge a local meals tax and we would like to keep it that way. So, please come to Town meeting on November 15th, and help us defeat the Meals Tax Article.
Tracey Zysk October 27, 2011 at 06:51 PM
North Andover Patch should review North Andover Restaurants and Andover Patch review Andover Restaurants. NA has over 48 restaurants that not only have excellent menus and service, but provide a lot of job opportunities. They also donate a lot to our local schools for their fundraisers and events. Lets support our local merchants ! PS .. Stachey's is hiring :)
Bryan McGonigle October 28, 2011 at 09:57 PM
Hi guys, this is one of two weekly columns that I share with Brendan, the Andover Patch editor (which is why it's called The Andovers a la Carte and Bites Nearby). Since we both share this column it wouldn't be fair to make it all North Andover. Also, a weekly column on food along with the other local business features we do would run out of places in one town alone pretty quickly, and as much as people like to shop local, people also like to venture out from time to time.
Steve Solly November 10, 2011 at 03:42 PM
I LOVE THIS COLUMN,AS I AM A BIG FAN OF FOOD!!....I live right off of Main St. in No. Andover,but also venture into Andover from time to time.I have eaten at quite a bit of places mentioned in your article,and have never been disappointed!!....You guys should check out Rolf's on Main Street in No. Andover for lunch...They have a new cook,who is serving tenderloin steak and cheese sandwich!!...It is awesome!!!..He gets the steak from Butcher Boys Market,so you know the quality is fantastic!!..It melts in your mouth....It comes with chips and a pickle for $7.00,but you can add fries or onion rings to it for $1.50 more!!!...I have had this sandwich 3 times now,since they just added it last week.You gotta try it for yourselves,because you won't be disappointed!!...Keep up the great reviews,and i'll be looking for more great places to dine....
Jay Oza November 11, 2011 at 03:12 PM
Steve, thanks for the tips! Rolf's is also a great destination; I'll stop in there some time soon. Glad that you like the column!


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