Team Training 2013

Where Resolutions Become Reality

That second serving of dessert, the endless drinks, the leftovers that seem to last forever. The holiday season is a time where many indulge with great food and times spent with loved ones. Then January 1 comes and you are going to eat healthy and lose all the weight you feel you have gained. Sound familiar? Every New Year, one-third of all resolutions made are to lose weight and get in shape. Close to 95% of those people will give up on their resolution in the first 30 days.


Why is it so hard to stick to something you want so bad? There are two main reasons: 1. People set unrealistic goals and have unrealistic expectations. 2. People go about achieving their resolutions wrong with an overly restrictive diet and an over aggressive work out plan.


Fitness For You has an 8 week program designed to make sure you are a part of the 5% who stick to their resolutions and accomplish them this year. For two months you will meet with a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer twice a week. You will set realistic and attainable goals. You receive a fitness assessment, 16 sessions of training, and unlimited use of the facility and group exercises classes.


You will meet in groups of 3-6 people of all levels, but like you need to make a commitment to a specific health and fitness goal. When you have others depending on you, as part of a team, it is much more likely you will keep the commitment. Sure there will be days that you  “are too busy, are too stressed, or are too tired” you could find plenty of excuses not to get to the gym, but the team aspect of this training holds you accountable. And those are the days when you need to exercise the most and you will go and be so glad you went.


Trying to break a bad habit of not working out or eating badly can be hard to break and will certainly not happen over night. But with Team Training you will receive the guidance and motivation you need to make your resolution stick and by starting this positive change in your life there is a greater chance your New Years Resolution will become routine for life! 

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