Shunju at Home in Jasmine Plaza

Grab some maki and a Mai-Tai right off 114 in North Andover.

Jasmine Plaza has seen its fair share of restaurants throughout the years.

The latest Asian cuisine to join the plaza was Shunju in 2010. Featuring both Chinese and Japanese cuisine, Shunju expects to be in North Andover for a long time.

“We took over the place in 2010,” said Hebtor Yu of Shunju. He expressed his delight with North Andover saying that the restaurant has really enjoyed their time there since moving in.  

Shunju has a number of menu items that will have diners coming back for seconds. From the dinner menu, Yu pointed out some of the most popular items available at Shunju.

“The most popular dish would definitely be General Gau’s Chicken,” said Yu. The Shunju menu describes the dish as the most famous Chinese food dish. The chicken is breaded lightly with spices and minced garlic and then cooked in a hot ginger sauce.

This irresistible favorite costs $11.50 at Shunju.

Balancing between Chinese and Japanese cuisine is one of Shunju’s strong points. Its sushi menu is very popular and diverse.

“I would say the Spicy Tuna and Dragon Maki are the most popular,” Yu said.

The Spicy Tuna Maki is only $6.25. Spicy salmon, yellowtail, and scallop rolls are also available.

The Dragon Maki includes spicy salmon with Tobiko (small, salty fish eggs). It is topped with unagi (eel) and avocado. The Dragon Maki dish costs $10.25 and comes with six pieces of maki.

A meal wouldn’t be complete with a delightful beverage and Shunju is obviously up to the challenge.

“The Special Mai-Tai is a definitely big seller here,” said Yu.

Shunju features a pair of Mai-Tai options. The original recipe goes for $5.95 while Shunju’s special version of the drink costs an extra dollar.

“We have a lot of people come here for the special Mai-Tai,” said Yu.

Shunju’s menu also alters far from what you would expect. Entrees such as the Tempura Red Snapper with Spicy Red Curry Sauce ($16.95) and the Sake Shrimp & Scallops ($16.95) will likely offer you a taste of something you’ve never tried before.

For vegetarians, the Agedashi Tofu Stir-Fry ($12.95) is a flavorful option as are the Fragrant Rainbow Vegetables ($11.95).

Shunju is open until 10pm Monday through Thursday. On Friday and Saturday nights it remains open until 11:30pm. On Sundays it’s open through 10pm. 


What is your favorite Asian restaurant? Tell us in the comments!


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