Rich or Single? You May Be in the Right Place

CNN has named North Andover among the best in an interesting category.

Stevens-Coolidge Place, North Andover.
Stevens-Coolidge Place, North Andover.
CNN has named North Andover the 25th best place to live if you're wealthy or single.

"There's no better introduction than North Andover's annual Sheep Shearing Festival, a tribute to the area's rural roots with a contemporary twist: Cowpie Bingo," the article says.

Indeed, the Sheep Shearing Festival is an event worthy of national recognition.

To rate towns in this category, CNN factored in population, percentage of single people and median income.

North Andover has a little more than 28,000 people, 31.9 percent of whom are single. And the median family income is $123,616.

Check out CNN's article and the complete list here.


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