The Ninety Nine Remodeled

The Ninety Nine in North Andover has a fresh, new look and some affordable prices.

 “Great meal, great deal,” say the Restaurant’s television commercials.

North Andover’s Ninety Nine restaurant is no exception according to manager Len Caffrey.

“The most popular section of the menu is a section called nine for $9.99 and they’re full sized entrees,” he said.

Among the nine entrees are Pork Tenderloin Tips, Bruschetta Chicken, Chicken Parmigiana, and Top Sirloin Steak.

“The classics like steak tips and burgers are very popular here at the Ninety Nine,” Caffrey said. He was, however, quick to point out one of the top sellers here in North Andover.

“One of our most popular items here is the Honey BBQ Chicken Wrap; we sell hundreds of those a week,” he said.

For $9.29, the wrap is filled with crispy chicken tenders that are drenched in honey barbecue sauce and wrapped up with lettuce, chopped tomatoes, and both jack and cheddar cheeses.

The bar is a hopping place, and there are plenty of crowd pleasers available.

“The beer that we feature as our premium quality beer at a reduced price is Bud Select and that’s a pint for $2.29,” said Caffrey.

“We also have an infused Smirnoff vodka drink with fresh pineapple that people really like which is $5.69 plus tax,” he continued.

The Ninety Nine also offers a Gluten Free Menu.

“We tend to use that as a template,” Caffrey said. “We let the customers mix and match,” he continued.

Burgers, tips, fish, and a myriad of classic sides all appear on the Gluten Free Menu. “We will make anything our guests ask for that they know is gluten free,” Caffrey said.

North Andover is a college town and the Ninety Nine is well aware. With the fall semester right around the corner, the Ninety Nine spruced up its interior.

“We’re always thrilled when the kids come back,” Caffrey said. “They’re a big part of our business.”

“We have a big, new section that can accommodate a lot of kids who can enjoy and do things like watch football games,” he continued.

The restaurant’s new interior makes it increasingly welcoming and comfortable for students and North Andover residents alike.

“Just about two weeks ago we refreshed and remodeled the restaurant,” he said.

You can check it out Monday through Thursday between 11am and 11:30pm. On Fridays and Saturdays, they remain open through 12:30am, a perfect option for a late-night meal. On Sundays, they are open through 10:30pm.

You can browse their full menu by clicking here, and you can also head over to their Facebook page to get a Back-To-School coupon and learn about other great meals and deals. 


Have you been to the Ninety Nine lately? Tell us in the comments!


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