Frankly Funny: Patch Blogger Publishes Book

It's a compilation of two years of humorous blogs.

Sometimes an everyday man breaks out of his average suburban life. But sometimes, he embraces it and shares it with the world.

Frank McCabe, a middle class dad who blogs for Patch, has compiled many of his writings into a book, "Can I Be Frank? An Auto-BLOG-graphy."

After two years of writing, six months of editing and compiling and help from professionals, McCabe self-published the book, which went on sale June 6 and is available at Amazon.com.

"Can I Be Frank? An Auto-BLOG-raphy" is a collection of musings on McCabe's life, largely from his popular blog, The book is largely made up of published blog posts, but about 40 percent is stuff people haven't seen, McCabe said.

"I think it's a story about the everyman, it's anyone with kids, parents, leading a regular life, problems at work, entertainment, sports, random observations," he said. "I try to take a funny spin on things that people do every day."

His blog's popularity combined with his passion for writing are what inspired him to produce the book.

"[The blog] started to get followers, and it seemed to resonate really well, and I really enjoyed doing it," McCabe said.

McCabe has plenty of dad experience to work with. He and his wife Amy and three kids; son Frankie, 9, and daughters Elizabeth, 7, and Maura, 6.

"I think the best way my family has been supportive is providing me with half of what i write about," McCabe said. "More funny things happen in your home than you tend to realize."

The book is currently on Amazon for $2.99 and is also available on Kindle and the iPad. McCabe hopes it will soon be on Nook and Barnes & Noble as well.

And if you needed another reason to buy the book, McCabe is donating a portion of the proceeds to children's charities, particularly those that deal with autism and spinal muscular atrophy.

McCabe, like many Americans in these hard economic times, was out of work for a long time -- 15 months, to be exact -- and he found that blogging helped with the stress that causes.

"It was very therapeutic," McCabe said. "It was far more therapeutic than going to the gym or pub, and certainly the gym."

The sun has since started shining -- literally -- as McCabe is now employed again, as vice president of sales for a solar energy company.

Being published hasn't satiated his writing hunger, though. McCabe is already working on another book as well as a fictional screenplay based on real events in his life.

And who would McCabe like to see play him in a movie? Jason Sudeikis of Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock fame, of course.


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