Monika Roglic Paints Wearable Art

An emotionally driven talent and passion for creativity fuels Roglic’s artistic expression.

The eye-catching, hand-painted silk designs of Monika Roglic are unique and may be considered as a fashion statement as well as a conversation piece. The vibrant colors and delicate material, which acts as her canvas, come together to produce inspired articles of clothing.

Each piece is one-of a-kind and the story of the creator is as compelling as the garments she creates.

Monika Rogilc was born and raised in Croatia. She laments her time in her native country having come to the United States with her husband, Davor, and daughter, Maja in 1999. Her move to the states was not without its challenges, and the transition was not easy. Staying connected with her homeland became critical for Roglic.

“I focused on the thing I love the most and that’s family and country,” she said. “And sometimes that can be a little extreme, but that saved my life I think.”

While having earned degrees in education and psychology, it was Roglic’s love of painting that acted as a kind of therapy for her. Roglic’s bond with Croatia was deepened further when she found herself painting scenes and floral prints reminiscent of her Mediterranean background, in which she is so deeply rooted.

“I have learned what is important,” Roglic said, “That you save yourself and your family, your soul and your identity and that you never forget where you come from.”

Roglic’s creative side extends beyond the brush, as she is also a poet, songstress, piano and guitar player. She and Davor met on the dance floor and continue to sing together as they had when in Croatia.

Roglic speaks four languages but, “Painting is my favorite language,” she said. Her passion, raw emotion and natural proclivity for artistry are evident in her  work, and she desires a level of authenticity she finds when creating something special. “It is wonderful to be authentic."

The line of hand painted silks that Roglic has prolifically built is named Monique, after her American nickname. She paints everything from scarves and handbags to wraps and elegant dresses. While she had been painting on canvas for many years following college, her first exploration to painting on silk came one Easter morning in 2007 when Roglic realized that she did not have a tablecloth that met her standards. She then pulled out a piece of silk that she had on hand and hand-painted it with acrylic paint. Thus began her love of painting on silks.

“The silk and the material seduced me so much because of its fluency and its contrast to canvas - so light and fun,” said Roglic “I love big canvases, big strokes and huge daisies, it is like a metaphor for life where everyday simple things are very big actually, like wisdom.”

To learn more about Monique Hand Painted Silk designs or discuss a custom order, visit www.monikaroglic.com or call 978-809-0661 or 978-921-9332.


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