Five Succulent Steak Dishes

Before turkey time begins, it's time for some steak.

Beef. What would we do without it?

When it is time to treat yourself or entertain guests, we pull out all the stops and opt for a hearty steak.

Your Thanksgiving turkey ritual is inevitable. However, if you are entertaining guests or enjoying some precious time off, you will need another option at some point.

That’s where Patch comes in! Today, we have compiled for you five succulent steaks that you can enjoy as a precursor to your Thanksgiving feast.

1. Filet Mignon

Some people can pronounce it correctly and some cannot, but considering the deliciousness of this popular dish, who really cares?

At in North Andover, a filet mignon for the ages is served. The nine ounce center-cut and aged angus beef is grilled, seasoned, and drizzled with Worcestershire-herb butter.

The steak comes with seasonal vegetables and your choice of potatoes or rice. The popular steak indulgence goes for $34.95 at Burton's.

2. Steak Teriyaki

on route 28 in Andover has an incredible steak dish that has to be tasted to believe.

The steak teriyaki is a house specialty. It is cut by hand from western USDA choice steer beef. Try a 12 ouncer for $14.49 or a nine ouncer for $12.99.

Along with your steak, you’ll enjoy some Idaho French fries, a baked potato, the vegetable of the day, or rice pilaf.

3. Marinated Steak Tips

North Andover has many places where steak tips are well worth ordering, but the ones you will get from are some of the most unique ones you will find.

These tips have a southern barbeque flavor to them. They are char-grilled sirloin tips that have been marinated with a homemade sauce.

Along with the tips you get sides of house salad, steamed veggies, and your choice of a baked potato, rice pilaf, or fries. The dish goes for $14.99.

4. Sirloin Steak

The may be known for its pasta and other Italian style dishes, but their sirloin is also quite the attraction.

For $18.50, you’ll get a 12 ounce center cut that has been perfectly aged. 

The Chateau has what you need in terms of steak; they also serve a mean filet mignon and sirloin tips.

5. Sirloin Strip Roast

in North Andover is a family owned, full service meat market that has been serving the North Andover population for three generations.

Not only will they sell you high quality fresh meats, but their website teaches you how to cook them!

Pick up a 5-6 pound sirloin strip roast and make sure to cook it for about 75 minutes. For those of you who like it rare, cook it at 135 degrees. Otherwise, up the heat to about 145. 

Variety is the spice of life. Treat yourself to a fine steak during your Thanksgiving break before or after your turkey dinner. 


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