Five Restaurants Serving Corned Beef and Cabbage

Plenty of local restaurants are celebrating St. Patrick's Day by serving corned beef and cabbage.

Saint Patrick's Day is on Saturday and local restaurants are celebrating.

Some eat corned beef and cabbage all the time and some of us have it once a year. Either way, we can all come together and enjoy it on Saturday.

Luckily, local businesses are feeling celebratory because it seems like everyone is serving traditional Irish corned beef on Saint Patrick's Day.

Find out where you can satisfy your annual corned beef fix by reading this handy list.


Rolf's automatically earns the top spot on this week's list because they are giving away their corned beef sandwiches for FREE.

On Saturday, Rolf's in North Andover will be open between 10am and 1am.


Park Street Pub's kitchen is open between 12 and 4pm, but they are going all out with the Saint Patrick's Day celebration.

Park Street is offering a corned beef dish with cabbage and carrots on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.


On Saturday night, Dylan's will be offering a special boiled dinner.

Included in the dish are corned beef, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, and Irish stew.


Jaime's in North Andover will be serving  a corned beef and cabbage dish on Saturday night.

They will be open from 11am to midnight on Saturday.


The Loft, a local connoisseur on comfort foods, will also be offering a corned beef and cabbage dish on Saturday.

They will be open between noon and 11pm.  


Where else can you get a hearty Irish dinner around town? Tell us in the comments!


Do you own or manage a restaurant? Would you like to see your featured or most popular dish in this column?

If so, send an email to jay@jayoza.org. Please include ingredients, the price, and a photo of the dish.


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