Five Places to Buy Your Thanksgiving Turkey

Learn where you can buy your turkey and how much it will cost.

Where are you buying your Thanksgiving turkey?

There are five locations nearby where you can get high quality birds at very reasonable prices. Turkeys are typically sold on a per pound basis.

Vendors suggest that hosts should plan for guests to eat about one pound of turkey each. Also, having leftovers is nice and it is also nice to be prepared for for turkey enthusiasts who consume over a pound.

Therefore if you are planning a gather for a dozen people, a 15 lb. turkey should suffice. Most vendors’ largest turkeys are just under 30 lbs.

So depending on your taste and your budget, pick one of the following five places and give them a call so that your turkey will be on the table without any problems.


Butcher Boy Market is one of the most well respected butchers in the Merrimack Valley, so why not purchase your Thanksgiving feast over on 125 in North Andover?

They sell their turkeys in two pound increments. You can purchase a bird that is 10-12 lbs., 12-14 lbs., and so on. Butcher Boy’s price is $2.49/lb.


Andover’s Whole Foods Market has many different types of turkey for sale. You can read about each individual one by checking out their online catalogue here.

Their standard frozen turkey goes for $1.79/lb. They also have a free range turkey which contains less fat. The free range birds sell for $2.29/lb.

If you're the organic type, you can get one between 8 and 30 lbs. Whole Foods’ Free Range organic birds go for $3.99/lb.

3. The Meat House

The Meat House on 114 in North Andover is a great choice for a high quality turkey. Just be sure to call them, because they only take .

Check out our for their contact information.

The Meat Market sells turkeys that are between 10 and 26 pounds; the cost is $3.49.


Stop & Shop on route 28 in Andover sells both frozen and fresh turkeys.

The trusted Stop & Shop brand sells the fresh variety for $1.99/lb. You can save some cash, especially if you need a huge turkey, by buying a frozen one for $1.09/lb.


Market Basket brand frozen turkeys are easily the best deal in town.

You get a good quality turkey from a trusted and convenient source for only $0.59/lb. That’s not a typo, folks, Market Basket makes it affordable to enjoy a picture perfect Thanksgiving dinner.

Market Basket also has very affordable and high quality side dishes such as stuffing, pies, and squash. 


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