Five Phenomenal Appetizers for Super Bowl Sunday

Take advantage of the time between now and Sunday to prepare a solid Super Bowl spread.

The hype has mounted, swelled, and nearly exploded. The Patriots and Giants are probably ready to play the Super Bowl at this very moment, but they have to wait, and so do we.

Let’s take advantage of the preparation time between now and Sunday to ensure that your viewing experience of the Super Bowl is enhanced by a memorable meal. Today we look at some of the area’s best appetizers that can be sitting on your living room table come Sunday.

1. Peking Platter #2

Variety is great when people come together for an event. in Andover has exactly what the Super Bowl demands: different foods, lots of them, and a good price.

The platter, which costs $12.55, includes four gold fingers, four pieces of teriyaki, four chicken wings, and four boneless ribs.  

2. Clam and Scallop Boxes

Bring these along to a Super Bowl party and you will be thanked. The clam box and scallop box at in North Andover will please all of the seafood fans in the house.

Both the clam and scallop box cost $11.95. You can pick up some beer or wine next door at .

3. Fajita Quesadilla

Have you ever had the tough task of deciding between a fajita and a quesadilla at a Mexican restaurant? If so, your problems have been solved by Casa Blanca Mexican Restaurant, both in Andover and .

The Fajita Quesadilla ($10.75) is served with lettuce, pico de gallo, sour cream, and guacamole. Its comprised of two flour tortillas with melted jack cheese, onions and bell peppers, and your choice of grilled chicken shrimp, or steak.

4. Chicken Tikka

Whether you are a frequent consumer of Indian food or someone who has never tried it, this simple but flavorful appetizer will score a touchdown with your Super Bowl watching crew.

The dish from in North Andover costs $11.95. It is a dish of boneless breast of chicken marinated in herbs, spices, and cooked on skewers in a clay oven.

5. Stuffed Cheesy Bread with Bacon & Jalapeno

Trusty in Andover has recently spruced up their line of Cheesy Breads and the Bacon & Jalapeno edition is truly worth a try.

It costs $5.99 and will be a nice appetizer for two hungry dudes or three less hungry dudes. Dipping sauces cost extra.


Where can you get other good appetizers for the Super Bowl? Tell us in the comments!


Do you own or manage a restaurant? Would you like to see your featured or most popular dish in this column?

If so, send an email to jay@jayoza.org. Please include ingredients, the price, and a photo of the dish.


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