Fall Family Feasts Served at Boston Market

Have Boston Market make dinner tonight; their family meals have something for everyone.

We can all finally admit that autumn has arrived and has made its presence felt with decreasing temperatures, increasingly colorful trees, and the excitement of the football season.

North Andover residents are bustling about, whether they are watching the Scarlet Knights fall teams, back to school at Merrimack, or simply busy raking the leaves.

Luckily, we have a number of restaurants around town to offer us comforting flavors for our families.

One of the best options around town for a family meal on the go is Boston Market, on route 114.

“What’s for dinner?” you may be asking yourself or your family members. While you’re rushing around between school, work, and other activities, Boston Market has is preparing everything you need to have a home cooked meal without spending time cooking it.

They pride themselves on creating a homey atmosphere.

“The pace is neither fast nor slow, but more like home away from home,” says their website.

Boston Market has family meals in four different sizes. Family meals for parties between three and six have everything you need to satisfy the whole family.

Beef brisket is sure to perk up the ears of your family members when they hear that one is on its way home. A beef brisket meal costs $7.95 for an individual, $24.87 for a group of three, $32.76 for a group of four, $40.45 for a group of five, and $41.94 for a group of six.

Each meal comes with plenty of gourmet sides and cornbread for everyone.

A turkey dinner might be just what your family needs after a long day. The roasted turkey meals at Boston Market are slightly cheaper at $6.95 for an individual, $21.87 for three people, $28.76 for four, $35.45 for five, and $41.94 for six.

Believe it or not, meatloaf is popular worldwide and happens to be one of mankind’s greatest accomplishments in the opinion of this writer.

Meatloaf fans will rejoice when you bring one home from Boston Market. An individual meal costs $6.95, a meal for three is $21.87, a meal for four is $28.76, a meal for five is $35.45, and the six person meal is $41.94.

Boston Market, after all, is known for its chicken. That is why the all white rotisserie is a must try, especially if you have not yet experienced its juicy deliciousness.

“It all starts on the farm, where we use only all-natural chicken fed a diet of only the highest quality grains, vitamins and minerals. Our chicken is delivered fresh and is never frozen,” states the Boston Market website.

An all white rotisserie chicken meal costs $24.87 for three, $32.76 for four, $40.45 for five, and $47.94 for six.

Remember, you get plenty of sides with each meal. A three person meal comes with three sides, and so on.

Boston Market’s gourmet sides include garlic dill new potatoes, Mediterranean green beans, mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, macaroni and cheese, sweet potato casserole, sweet corn, steamed vegetables, fresh vegetable stuffing, cinnamon apples, and garlicky lemon spinach.

So this week after practice, after school, after work, or after any long day, treat your family to one of these fall feasts and your work week may end up seeming just a bit shorter.


What's your favorite family feast? Tell us in the comments!


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