Everyone’s A Player Seeks to Bring Affordability to Sports

New non-profit has been launched to help kids with finances of sports involvement.

If you are an athlete or have children involved in town sports, you understand the impact that being part of a team can have on a young child. Living an active lifestyle, team camaraderie, focus, fundamental skill development and a motivation for success are all benefits derived from playing a sport.

Unfortunately, not all families have the means to get their kids off the couch and onto a court or field.

Everyone’s A Player (EAP) would like to change that. EAP is a non-profit organization founded by four women in North Andover with the collective desire to make youth involvement in sports available to any child who is interested.

The serendipitous coming together of Tracy Sportelli, Janine Ceraso, Nancy Phillips and Michelle Adamic to establish EAP happened during the summer of 2011.  Each woman independently had the realization that there was a need in North Andover, and beyond, to give all children an opportunity to participate.  One conversation led to another which inspired and united the four women to meet this challenge head on.

Each founder brings valuable and pertinent experience to EAP. Phillips is licensed in child and family therapy, Ceraso is an attorney with an expertise in corporate law, Sportelli is also an attorney with a specialty in fundraising and Adamic has a background in marketing and communications and is focusing on business development and events for EAP.

In their start-up phase, EAP is focusing on grade and middle school aged children in North Andover who qualify for their assistance.  Each EAP participant will go through a gentle screening process to determine their need, something that is higher in North Andover than most might think. Privacy and anonymity will be respected and held in the highest regard.

Assistance with registration fees, uniform and gear costs, camps, clinics, and even transportation will be evaluated on a case by case basis. 

EAP held its launch party at Jaime’s Restaurant on February 2nd and is now working with their first few participants. 

“It is our job to make sure that the kids that really need the assistance get it and we take that very seriously,” said Sportelli.

Raising funds for this program is paramount and an immediate initiative toward this end comes from the sale of North Andover sporting goods through www.NASportsStuff.com. This online shop is made available by EAP and is only open seasonally for about two weeks at a time.  All proceeds from these sales will benefit EAP. The spring sale at www.NASportsStuff.com is going on right now through Feb. 23. Be sure to place your order now.

Additionally, EAP’s first annual golf outing is in the process of being planned for May 29, to be held at the Andover Country Club. Corporate sponsors for this event are currently being negotiated.

Other sports events such as a 5k run,mini-soccer and basketball tournaments are being discussed.

If you are interested in learning more about Everyone’s A Player or sponsoring an EAP player for a season, please contact any one of the founders at tracy@everyonesaplayer.org; janine@everyonesaplayer.org; nancy@everyonesaplayer.org; michelle@everyonesaplayer.org or call 978-566-1699.

You can also visit their Facebook page or soon to be up and running Web site at www.everyonesaplayer.org.

Beth Daigle February 22, 2012 at 02:51 PM
Nancy Phillips is an LICSW with a specialty in child and family therapy. Families in need of assistance or those interested in making a referral should contact Nancy at nancy@everyonesaplayer.org.
MikeA February 22, 2012 at 09:06 PM
I would suggest they accept used uniform donations if the other sports organizations in town don't already do so.
kim cheevers February 22, 2012 at 10:44 PM
Very proud to call each one a friend. Strong, smart, talented woman who will certainly succeed with this new venture. Make NA proud ladies! Congrats!!!!
Bill Varney March 04, 2012 at 12:58 PM
Terrific idea! What would be ambitious, but very good idea is if this could expand into less affluent communities where the impact would be even greater, like Lawrence, Haverhill & Methuen. I think the concept has an even more profound effect there!


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