North Andover a la Carte: Try a Middle Eastern Meal

After burning to the ground in 2010, Shadi's Restaurant relocated to North Andover.

On Christmas morning 2010, most Merrimack Valley residents were opening gifts, spending time with family, and enjoying the holiday season.

While you were relaxing, Michael Asmar was in a panic.

His restaurant, which had served the Merrimack Valley for over 30 years, caught fire and burned to the ground in Methuen.

Methuen’s loss became North Andover’s gain. Asmar and his business moved into a new location on Chickering Road, and since then he hasn’t looked back.

“Everything worked out,” said Asmar.

Shadi’s Restaurant expects to stay in North Andover for a long time to come.

“I love North Andover,” Asmar said. “It has been very good to us,” he shared.

Middle Eastern cuisine is Shadi’s specialty. From grape leaves to Baba Ganooj, and everything in between, North Andover residents don’t have to travel far to get a taste of authentic Middle Eastern cooking.

When it comes to appetizers, Shadi’s has all of the favorites, both cold and hot. The hommos, tabbouleh, and kibbie are great ways to get started if you have never had Middle Eastern food before.

Baked kibbie, stuffed peppers, and stuffed grape leaves are some of the restaurant’s most popular hot appetizers. Unique salads such as the Chicken Kabob Salad and Fattoush are also great ways to get your meal started.  

Asmar recommended one of his most popular dishes, “The Arabic Combination is definitely something that everybody buys,” he said.

This irresistible platter comes in two sizes, a $15.95 plate for two people or a $28.95 plate for four.  

“It comes with grape leaves, stuffed cabbage, baked kibbie, green beans over rice, and stuffed peppers,” Asmar said.

“It’s a good sized plate,” Asmar concluded.

Shadi’s is open every day until 9pm. On Fridays and Saturdays it remains open until 10pm.

“On the weekends, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are busiest,” Asmar said.

Shadi’s also offers traditional American-style dishes such as mozzarella sticks, chicken wings, onion rings, steak and cheese sandwiches, and 8 oz. Black Angus burgers.


What are some other good Middle Eastern restaurants in the area? Tell us in the comments!


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