Andovers a la Carte: A Pair of Grilled Chicken Sandwiches

And local restaurants, feel free to add your own photos of your signature grilled chicken sandwiches.

How do you like your meat? Grilled or fried?

The battle rages on between health conscious carnivores and the guilt-free fried fans.

The truth is, no sides need to be taken in this war of protein preparation. Both styles of meat are appetizing in moderation, but today we look towards the grilled side of the sizzling debate.

Chicken on the grill is a beautiful thing, as many of you may know. When grilled chicken is prepared with unique and flavorful ingredients, a warm bliss overwhelms the taste buds.

When those ingredients are combined with the comforting and finger friendly confines of a sandwich, the mouth really begins to water.

Here are a pair of grilled chicken sandwiches that will make you scoff at the fast food joints.

In North Andover, a local staple is . It operates out of a 160 year-old barn and features old school, classic, and comfort food entrees.

One such dish is the Firecracker Chicken Sandwich.

Those of you who have never tried a brioche roll, consider this your invitation. The fresh and flavorful roll is divided with a cajun grilled chicken breast, chipotle pepper aioli, onion rings, bacon, and melted pepper jack cheese.

And it's only $9.99.

The Loft is open seven days a week. Check out their entire menu by clicking here.

at the Andover Inn Inn offers the Chicken Banh mi Sandwich.

"Its a Vietnamese inspired grilled chicken breast sandwich," said Sharon Shaughnessy, General Manager of the Inn. "It's served with fresh cilantro, cucumber, pickled carrots and daikon with a spicy sriracha mayonnaise," she said.

The dish includes seasoned fries and a pickle; it costs only $12. Shaughnessy said it was Samuel's most popular lunch dish.

"Our Chef Matthew Coyle is passionate about sourcing as many of our ingredients locally as possible. Chef Matthew is new to Samuel's and is excited to experience the Andover farmers market this year and meet local farmers," Shaughnessy said.

"We enjoy seeing our regular customers visit us and look forward to meeting all our new ones," she added.

Samuel's features an updated lounge area as well as weekly entertainment.


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