Andovers A La Cart: Fro-Yo and Ice Cream

Local businesses are armed with frosty treats to help you cool off.

Ice cream is a summer staple. Since the frozen treat was created, sweet teeth young and old have enjoyed the pain and flavor of ice cold ice cream.

Nothing, however, will top your first cup or cone of the summer. The next day that is hot, sunny, and convenient enough, consider one of these local ice cream and frozen yogurt shops.

Stephen Reppucci and his wife Maggie founded in North Andover after feeling that the area was in need of a top notch ice cream shop.

“One day we started talking about how someone should open a good ice cream place close by. At some point, not quite certain when, that ‘someone’ changed to ‘we,’ and 10 or so years later, here we are!” Reppucci said.

Mad Maggie’s likes to do things seasonally. “We have a lot of flavors, and we like to rotate them with the seasons, so several of our featured flavors are only available for part of the year,” said Reppucci.

“In the spring, when Turtle Lane Maple Farm is harvesting maple syrup, we make a Maple Bacon flavor that is surprisingly good. We use TLMF maple syrup in our Maple Walnut all year long,” he said.

Reppucci also recommends the frappes that Mad Maggie’s is well known for.

“All of our frappes are hand mixed, and making a frappe is the first thing that new hires get taught. I want them to all be able to make one that's just as thick and frothy as one made by one of my most senior staff,” Reppucci said.

Creating amazing ice cream is a team effort. Reppucci explained the collaboration between customer and business with a recent story.

“Last week we had an experimental flavor of Brown Sugar Oatmeal, and I added some raisins to it,” he said. “A customer tasted it and said ‘add some chocolate chips, and it'll taste like and oatmeal raisin cookie’. So we will try that next batch! We wouldn't be able to do that type of immediate response if we were buying our ice cream from a truck, so it's something that makes us stand out from anyone else around.”

Mad Maggie’s is located at 1025 Osgood Street in North Andover.

Right here in Andover, Orange Leaf offers customizable frozen yogurt. opened last September and features a unique and modern dining area.

Customers piece together their own blend of fro-yo and self serve toppings. With options like raisins and granola, customers can opt for a healthier blend. Traditional Gummi Bears, sprinkles, and M&Ms are available as well. 

is located at 28 Park Street in Andover.


Where else can you get a great cup or cone of ice cream of frozen yogurt? Tell us in the comments!


Do you own or manage a restaurant? Would you like to see your featured or most popular dish in this column?

If so, send an email to jay@jayoza.org. Please include ingredients, the price, and a photo of the dish.

Kristina Trott May 11, 2012 at 02:19 PM
It isn't quite in Andover, but Benson's ice cream stand on 133 in West Boxford is the ultimate in authentic outdoor "ambiance" in my opinion, and has been there forever-- for good reason. They make wonderful ice cream, in a large variety of flavors. (Their signature red raspberry, made with local fruit, is particularly heavenly if all too briefly available).Not far to drive,nice scenic route-- and it's really worth it! (Photo in Pics and Clips).
Jay Oza May 15, 2012 at 06:24 PM
Thanks for the suggestion and photo. I'll have to check that place out on the next hot day!


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