North Andover Student Is UNICEF ‘Kid of the Week’

Abigail Phillips - UNICEF's Kid of the Week. Credit: UNICEF Facebook.
Abigail Phillips - UNICEF's Kid of the Week. Credit: UNICEF Facebook.

A North Andover student was honored as UNICEF’s “Kid of the Week” last week due to her fundraising efforts.

Abigail Phillips and her classmates at Atkinson Elementary made and sold over 300 bracelets to raise money for children affected by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

Abigail is taking part in Give THANKs - Typhoon Haiyan Action Network for Kids, a group that encourages children to loom bracelets to support UNICEF’s efforts in the Philippines.

According to a statement from UNICEF released last week, thanks to efforts like Abigail’s and her classmates, things are returning to normal in the Philippines.

“With help from UNICEF and its partners, some 420,000 children from the worst hit areas are now back in school and using learning materials from school-in-a-box, early childhood and recreational kits,” said Susannah Masur of UNICEF.

“Though progress has been made to address the needs of the affected population, much still remains to be done to address significant challenges, including continued large-scale displacement of families and communities, damaged infrastructure and lost livelihoods, and increased threats from diseases like dengue fever and measles,” she added.

For more information on UNICEF and the relief effort in the Philippines, click here.


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