How North Andover Did the Storm Right

The aftermath is surprisingly seamless.

That nasty nor'easter that dumped two feet of snow in North Andover is finally gone, and North Andover fared pretty well.

Police reported very few incidents in town, and the issues that did come up were mostly fender benders and stalled cars.

"We had a lot of cars off the road yesterday during the day and then a few last evening," North Andover Police Sgt. Dan Crevier said Friday. "But knock on wood, it's been fairly quiet. People seem to be staying off the roads."

That was due in large part to North Andover residents staying home and not trying to drive. The roads were practically empty during the storm.

And the light fluffy snow may have meant fewer medical calls for those shoveling. And residents using more caution when removing it.

"We go out a few times, just in case of freezing or what not, that way we can get out easier and finish it when it is over," Maria Rea said on our Facebook page. "Plus we have lots of out buildings and barns to shovel out as well, so anyway to make it easier we do it. Plus it is a good workout."

The biggest credit for getting the town back to normal goes to the Division of Public Works, which was aptly prepared for the massive storm many others didn't expect.

"DPW was working hard clearing all the streets," Division of Public Works Director Bruce Thibodeau said. "About 70 pieces of equipment counting our trucks, contractors, and sidewalk plows."

They were even able to conduct trash pick-up Thursday and Friday, although that was a challenge, Thibodeau said.

How much money was spent on snow removal? We'll have dollar amount totals in a few days.

The snow wasn't even the biggest issue for DPW crews. The wind and low temperatures were much worse. And those are still big issues even with the storm behind us.

There is a wind chill warning in effect until 9 a.m. Saturday. Residents are advised to stay indoors, as temperatures this low can be deadly. If you lose your heat, contact the police department immediately at 978-683-3168.


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